Ed Sparks
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Author: Ed Sparks

31 Dec December, December

December, December, we'll always remember, the first time we kissed in the snow. 4 skates on ice, will always be nice, and afterwards a hot cup of joe. A nice winter day, its the neighbors say, "Hey" we're friendly. Everybody already knows, an ice cold car, won't go very far, tire chains and warm ups for...

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10 Nov Its November

November is that special time, to pause a bit and self remind; the days that passed, and did unfold, to days of warmth, to days of cold. I love it when i sit awile, reminisce about my life-long smile; of happy days, of happy weeks, of happy months, of happy peaks. I'm glad...

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Pedicure Chair

04 Apr Pedicure Chair Z-links

Pedicure Spa Chairs & Z-Links: Its my website. I will backlink spam if I want to. I want to take a moment and explain Z-links to you. Z-links is a product we provide that puts additional reader information links on the bottom of your content to...

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