Its November
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Its November

Its November

November is that special time,
to pause a bit and self remind;
the days that passed, and did unfold,
to days of warmth, to days of cold.
I love it when i sit awile,
reminisce about my life-long smile;
of happy days, of happy weeks,
of happy months, of happy peaks.
I’m glad I know a tad about,
how blessed i am to have my mouth;
to smile and laugh, to smirk and kiss,
to speak to others, of times i miss.
November is my month of choice,
to be thankful, a rolls royce;
of a life, ive chose to give,
to others where, they wont outlive.
the time ive taken, the time ive spent,
to make them smile, everywhere they went;
and to those, whose life now shines,
where we have shared, those special times.
I wrote this poem so you’d remember,
how thankful u should be each November.
have a great November from Hermosa Beach Marketing,

Ed Sparks

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