What it means to be a Webgod: Affiliate Management Los Angeles


linkshare_affiliate_management_los_angelesI think its funny when a company says it needs someone to manage their affiliate program. I also think its funny sometimes when someone leaves job descriptions for employees that include affiliate management, ad campaign management, must know Javascript, HTML, and Flash. Hah! First. Affiliate management requires about 4-6 hours a week. Most of the time consists of making sure there is a banner made and what the special is going to be the following month. If your a dropshipper maybe there is more, but mostly just quality. Second. Ad Campaign management is not much more time than 20 minutes a week once its started. Third. Flash is actually a video editing language that web people install. Most web people don’t know flash. I do… but thats a different story.

shareasale_affiliate_management_los_angelesAffiliate Management can be done from a publisher or advertiser point of view. If your a company looking to have affiliates or “people who resell” your products online, it will be costly… The average price per month at CJ (Commission Junction) or Linkshare can be as low as 10k a month. But! Sites like ShareASale offers a much cheaper program.

If you own a site or two, then all these sites can be accessed for free! You can choose a manufacturer that has similar products to the age group or subject matter of your site. Then each time someone hits the button and purchases something it helps everyone! You get cash and they make a potential lifetime shopper. Many times you can really capitalize on these programs and quickly replace your full time income. But of course. What do I know. ↓↓↓


Affiliate Management Los Angeles

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