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We Want to Be Your Marketing Department for Life.

Our Commitment to Quality

We Will Do the Work Ourselves

The Hermosa Beach Marketing Commitment to Quality: We firmly believe in winning in business. We believe that happens on purpose. Our commitment to you is that we will do the work ourselves. This is where people go to get pristine craftsman delivered work, done on purpose, and completed with a plan in mind. Gone are the days where a voice on the other end of the phone is explaining to you where you need to push buttons. Our business is full service. We will deliver the best possibly presented work in America and possibly the world. We will think with you and on your behalf as business people together pushing towards a profitable destination. We market you in the best possible manner representing us as we. We only want to work for you forever. We are looking forward to the few who want and desire our company as people and mesh well with our retirement goals as well. Marketing will take the rest of your life. You are welcome to join our family by picking up the phone and asking for Eddie Sparks. Let’s start a conversation today.

What you may find elsewhere: Eddie Sparks – “I have seen many different decisions made all over the place. Companies represented by sales people and major corporations that take money and deliver your business into the hands of Filipinos and Indians. Do you really believe that someone in the Philippines understands what not having cell phone reception in Pacific Palisades does to you. How about the choice between brandy and cognac. These things are just as foreign to them as what a time share really is. I just am amazed at decisions that people make. I made every page of this website. 100% of the photos of this site was taken by our phones. We were there. I, Eddie Sparks, Tony Filipic, Jeffery A Arnold or James PKO Eddy was there. We have the experience and the business knowledge to use our talents for profit – the greatest asset to you as an executive and as a human being.”

Trust is Built One Day at a Time

You want to trust people that can sit down next to you and create, shoot, edit and deliver marketing deliverables and sales materials in front of your face. Transparency with experience is a luxury you can afford. Trusting people that have owned a business and operated a business to assist you with profitable decisions is an easy decision. The world around us is fast and we always need to have our hands readily available for change as the cookie jar looks different on a regular basis.

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A Business Family is Forever

We Will Execute All Ideas with Craftsmanship

Questions Regarding Hermosa as a Service Feel Free to Call Us Today.
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