December, December


December, December,
we’ll always remember,
the first time we kissed in the snow.
4 skates on ice,
will always be nice,
and afterwards a hot cup of joe.
A nice winter day,
its the neighbors say, “Hey”
we’re friendly. Everybody already knows,
an ice cold car,
won’t go very far,
tire chains and warm ups for snows.
So we moved to orange county,
the sun is our bounty,
and winter is spent on the sand.
Our festive times include,
music, sunshine, and food;
the Kardashians ! Ooo im a fan!
A high profile life,
is what we call nice,
this far south of LA.
Nestled on the pacific ocean,
December weather’s perfect – no lotion,
and we wouldn’t have it any other way !
California is Calling..
Hope you had a sweet December from Hermosa Beach Marketing.

– Ed Sparks

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