How to Make Cool Rare and Unique Folders by Ed Sparks

Very easy to do. Many records are 12″ by 12″ so you can cut from the open end back. 3 Hole punch it and your done. All your friends will be so jealous.

  1. Buy dollar records from the store with some cool designs on them
  2. Give the records to an Aspiring DJ
  3. Use a folder to measure the approximate size of the folder
  4. Be sure to add an inch for the 3 hole punch
  5. Cut from the open side. You probably can cut from either side as long as it stays in a binder you’re ok. If you take it out, then you have a 2 opening folder which may not suit u very well.
  6. Place in binder and show it off!
  • Mark Perry
    Posted at 08:44h, 04 June

    Hey Ed,
    Give me a call, want to catch up with you.


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