American Legion: Renting Out the Hall

Manhattan_Beach_MarketingI am a veteran. I served in the USAF in Texas as an Engine Repair Tech on B1 Bombers. I ran across ol’ Joe from the Hall on Dale Mabry doing some volunteer work up there. Joe would let you know about the years wasted in the gin mill staring at the same wall, at the same wall, at the same wall. It haunts me sometimes when I sit back and sip a cold one on a barstool staring at the TV/wall. He really had an impact on my life so in return I did a little bit of American Legion promotion. Seems renting out the Hall was not as popular as it once was so I pushed it on the web. Within 1 month I had booked over half the year. I tried to teach Joe how to use Myface and Spacebook but it was hard enough for him to remember what the mouse does. We need to support our Veterans to the fullest of our abilities. Happy 4th of July!

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