Master Level Google Certification: The Google – Lesson 1

Google is a search engine that provides you with results of what is available on the internet. So, What is the internet? To quote those that have come before me, The internet is not a library. There is no call numbers and no supposed resource center. The internet is the content located on computers connected by a wire or communication avenue. Google is a way to pull up popular information located on these computers or specific information on these computers.

1. Google does not represent all there is available online. Although they try, Google cannot keep up with all the information, but only displays a snapshot of the last time the Google Spiders took a picture of the sight. The more skill one possess in pro-Google methods; the faster you can gain access to Google placing real time information from your site.


2. Everything on the internet is not credible. The internet is all content located on available computers. So just because somebody wrote something doesn’t mean it actually is true. It could be biased, malicious, distorted, completely wrong, or purposefully detrimental to your online experience. Like the all too famous So many people have probably used this site for their reports. Dihydrogen Monoxide is H2O so this entire site is a spoof – kind of humerus.


3. Filtering is not always going to produce good results. Many people carry an internet filter that removes gambling, excessive language, and adult sites from their search. By no means does this mean better results. I always ask “Why’s your mind squeaky clean in the first place?” – Ben Folds. I always turn safe search off when using Google. You can permanently make this happen by going into your Google account and going to preferences.  I also pointed out some of the other information Google adds to the search options like time relevancy below.


Google searches can be manipulated to provide you with killer privy information. You just have to figure out what the paint brushes produce to make your information a useable work of art. Many of a Google user’s finest work can be done from the simple search bar located anywhere from the Google homepage to the upper right hand corner of your browser. Google searches can be manipulated to search within a webpage; within certain kinds of pages i.e. .edu’s only or .gov’s; within types of content i.e. PDFs, XLSXs, etc.; and within special collections like news, or only university libraries, or only hosted on Linux or Apple. So many uses from such a simple search bar, all of which I will take you through daily.

I suppose that’s enough of an introduction. This Mork Saying. Nanu Nanu.

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