Advanced Google Placement Techniques Part2: Master Level Certification: Theory of Advanced Google Placement

Read Part 1 First? Read Part 1.

Theory of Advanced Google Placement: The Why.

Google will give you the top placement if the searchers pick your link over everyone elses. When you search for Historical Society in Claremont, CA, and you choose the Pomona Historical Society link enough times; it will work its way up to the top. What I shared in Part 1 was a way to use leverage in advertising. Instead of sending people to; it makes more sense to have them click on your link in Google instead using the Copy Link/TinyURL combo I showed you. This way they still arrive at your site, but they actually improved or “solidified” your Lion position over your competitors.

When you search for your keyword, you always click on your link. This is a big duh because if you search for your keyword and click on them it will make it that much harder to overtake them. Its a guaranteed 2 extra clicks minimum. So always click on the link you want to promote when searching in google. Do it everyday for each combination in different browsers. Make it your routine.

NOTE: If I would like to actually open up a competitors site; I copy the actual URL then paste it into a new tab. Never Open Link in New Tab using the menu. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS copy it manually and then open a New Tab manually and paste it in.


You copied your work by grabbing the future out of google. You then placed your work in a mass marketing medium. Everyone clicks on your link. You only have to pay 1 guy to work(you in most cases) as he uses his social media accounts to repeat the Google clicking which reproduces your experts work 1x.

How Google Ranks You: Ranking is determined by people searching for a keyword and clicking on your link above the threshold of the people ranked above you. That threshold is determined by the difference between the popularity of the rank below your link’s ratio and above your links ratio. Above Rank Popularity (ex. 400 clicks/week) – Below Rank Popularity (ex. 230 clicks/week)= Threshold (170 clicks). So when you hit that threshold where your link is as popular as the one before you (ex. You and Above have 400 clicks/week), When there is a tie, Google will give the benefit of doubt to the site that ranks above you UNTIL you gain popularity above and beyond the higher ranking site equal to the difference between the above ranking link and the below. (ex 400 clicks/week to tie + the 170/click difference of above – below = 570 +1 click to gain the higher search ranking on the next Google cycle).

So in our example. You will continue to be in spot #2 until you become more popular than the #1 link by the amount of the difference in popularity between #1-#3.

historical_society_clarmont_ca13The library in the previous post is the top ranked for the Historical Society Claremont, CA keyword. Since this is where it should be, we want to keep it that way. You always benefit from the process. People will be replicating your work when you send out advertisements online with the click here being your skilled work. The backlinks are all built for you. TinyURL. eMail. Twitter. Digg. Plus. FB. Blogged. Pie. Easy Life. Retirement.




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