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Sigh. My Ad-words guy told me my budget was $30 a month and now he wants another $75. Whats the deal with that? Well Ad-words marketing is more or less an estimate of whats going to be spent. You put a small ad out with the keywords your looking for written on the ad. You wait for it to be approved. Then you set a maximum bid of .25. Your daily budget is $2 and now you receive a bill for $120 from Google for overspending. Be aware that the Ad-words are set on some sort of timer cycle. So lets say 2hr or 4hr or 6hr. They run your ad for that time period and then check if your at or above your daily allowance. So lets say you are at $1.95 for the day and the cycle is over. Google displays the ad again for 6 hours at 200 times a minute. 60 minutes x 6 hours x 200 = 72,000 more times to hit .05 at $2. They cycle completes and Google looks at your daily maximum of $2 and compares the new balance of $9.75 and turns you off. Thats Ad-words! Below is an Ad-words campaign I set the maximum monthly at $75 and in 5 days I hit $200. I was screwed so I just left it in the negative and started a new account. :).


Search Engine Marketing SEM Redondo Beach

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