How Many Keywords is Too Much?: Adwords Management Los Angeles

Adwords_Management_Los_AngelesUsually on the second or so week you log in you will see this line going across saying SUGGESTED KEYWORDS. Obviously you say yes to all of the suggested keywords and kablaam… now your on the web everywhere. So a day or so comes up and you notice that you get messages like above. Rarely shown due to low quality score. Google has a failsafe method of what the Ad looks like compared to the keywords it targets. These two only had 1 word to both keywords. 1 said coffee. Since you blanket copied the keywords they suggested, I would say its safe to delete this. I would be upset to find out that I had been spending 5 bucks a day on a keyword that didn’t fit the bill so don’t forget to audit your list.

So I had to come back and revise this post so you would know how to fix the last issue which was how to fix the rarely shown due to quality issue. The low quality score can easily be fixed by adding the keyword to the ad. The error message literally means the keyword does not appear in the advertisement.

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