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Search_Engine_Marketing_Los_AngelesDoubleClick_Management_Los_AngelesWhat is the key catalyst to running a ppc campaign? Is it more more more or is it less less less? I think its nothing more than using common sense. Many times the first thing that people/companies do when they jump into adwords is make an ad and select about 50 keywords from off the top of their head. I’m not sure who it was Lincoln maybe who said “if I have to chop wood, I spend most of my time sharpening my axe” … one sec … “If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six hours sharpening my axe”. Yes, so why when a president says to take some prep time over 100 years ago, do we not at least spend some time on your ad campaign? I did. I did. I learned how to use the tools says the intern.

Keyword_Research_Los_AngelesSOoooo my suggestion for a good free indicator tool is KeywordSpy . Free to use and fairly simple to understand. You stick in your industry like Web Design LA and press go. Web_Design_LAThe site analyzes the keyword for the who, what, when where, of total searches. Hmm. Maybe Web Design LA as a first time ad campaign runner, I may not want to run with the big dogs on this keyword. 19k a month for searches at $11 a click to be on top with 340 Companies vollying as your competition. But what do you care? You don’t because you thought an intern could take care of this for you! Hooray! A waste of hard earned cash I assure you. Find good lower end keywords and taylor your beginning campaign to a simple .30 click and see if your ads work first before you try to swim in the deep end.

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  • Ed Sparks
    Posted at 15:39h, 03 August

    To comment on my own post. The answer is no. I never use keywordspy to actually do client work. I have much more in depth tools that give alot more information; but, as a quick tool to get a good feel for a keyword, i will use it to give someone an estimate of what they are looking at moneywise for certain keywords. It makes more sense to set up a campaign to run during high bidders off hours then all the time. Keywordspy will not tell you that information. I would not spend $150 a month for the service. No.

  • Online Business
    Posted at 00:36h, 04 August

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  • scrapebox
    Posted at 13:08h, 11 August

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  • sean
    Posted at 06:40h, 16 September

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