The Position Strategy: Google Adwords Long Beach


So this week you open your Adwords account and notice that certain keywords are doing better than others. How I approach this like the first time I opened this account for a client, combines a bit of common sense into the equation. All of the clicks are Macro level keywords when Most if not all should be Micro Level Keywords. Why would you advertise in a top tier combination if the competition is all corporate. Well Ed I can control where and when my ad is seen.. Not a good idea. Instead of advertising SEO Company and putting a location on the ad; would it make more sense adding SEO Company Long Beach and advertise globally? Yes. If you don’t, you’re wasting money. Just a thought. This is why most campaigns are too costly and mostly fail due to lack of funds. Because you can easily compete for a keyword at a low cost in Idaho for Long Beach against nobody.

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