What Affects My Adwords Return On Investment?: Search Engine Marketing Long Beach

Alright so you spend all of this money on Adwords and your getting low to no return…. hmm… maybe its because you are mostly lazy… which is 99% the cause each time.  What happens is you think that advertising to your home page is the answer; it is not. If your ad says Shipping to Jordan and you point it to your home page, you are probably wasting money. So Mildred who is from the Middle East looks at the results of Google and decides that she doesn’t want to chance her washer/drier to just anyone so she chooses an ad. Your ad goes to the homepage which would require at the minimum 3 clicks to get to the Jordan information; loss of money. She doesn’t know your website like you do. So the best way to get that sale is to make the ad go to the correct page…. create a page (if necessary).. Oooh its so much work. No not really.

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