Whats the deal with Google AdWords?: SEM Search Engine Marketing Hermosa Beach

Google Ad-words provides you with the ability to advertise to people who are looking at something with the keyword combination in it.

  1. Searching in Google
  2. Reading something that has the keywords in it
  3. Visiting a website with your content matter

Ad-words is the “You pay” for advertising part. Ad-sense is the “You put” Google adwords on your site or blog. Cardinal Rule: Do NOT put Google Adsense on your company website. Uh Duh. I just told you why. So people make it to your site i.e… Tom’s pest control and your displaying ads for all your competitors on your site. Sue and Bob are paying for Ad-words and your site has keywords Pest Control in your name with keyword Culver City in your address. So all the advertisers who are paying for Pest Control Culver City are now showing their specials on your website. Ad-sense is meant for bloggers who are targeting the traffic; not companies who are displaying their products.


SEM Search Engine Marketing Hermosa Beach

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