Advanced Google Placement Techniques: Master Level Certification: Ed Theodore Sparks

Part 1

Sweet, you’ve been reading somewhere for years on how to prepare your site for Google (SEO); but the “how” to get your site in positions 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,15,21,24,25,26,27,28,29,34,35,36,37,38,39, & 40 has eluded most. Today’s lesson to the internet brings you 1 step closer to Master Level Google skills.

The best person who can do the work is You: Manufacturing a way for a user to copy each of your actions at a click of a button. Who needs outsourcing when you can record your work and use social media to have 1ks of ppl do what you recorded earlier. Its called Leverage:

Using Leverage as Master Level Google Professional: Screenshot 1:

historical_society_claremont_caSo you want to support your local library’s effort to promote a local historical society exhibit for keywords: historical society claremont ca.

So you create an ad banner for an email in the form of a button:

You want to utilize the email to the fullest so you use a little leverage:


Step 1 Go to the location bar and physically type in for this demonstration.


Step 2 Google will show you the future.

#1. Right Click the Heading of the Library’s Historical Society Exibit Link, in this case it is already on the top. Thats where we want it to be.

#2 Go to the Copy Link Location

#3 Open up Notepad or Stickies: Paste the link into a new document:


#4 This link is the location of google information for where you will be in the future.

#5. Google Tracks its own analytical information of what you are doing as a user. That is why when you copy the link location; the link starts with We use this loophole to our advantage.

#6. Go to Paste the Link into a tiny url.


#7. Name the File Keyword_Combination_Date. Stay consistant with your date structure. I suggest using the year first followed by month. In this case I used Historical_Society_Claremont,_CA_10_9 but they gave me Historical_Society_Claremont instead.


#8. Add the url as the link (href=””) as the destination of your email ad. That way instead of Your email link will include all the Google Work as well – Having the public clicking to help you with Google Placement. Brilliance.

#9. Option: Of course if your a Master Level, you know that ShopperMom loves to tweet stuff. So I put the link in twitter as well.


#10. And what would that mean without making it a blog post like this one. Easy enough. Insert picture. Change the href link destination of the Click Here Button to Update.  Each link having an experts work ready to be duplicated by 1x.


I love Claremont! Ladies you’ll love it!

#11. Use the social media buttons in the below wordpress plugin: By Jeriff Cheng | Visit plugin site

And hit each button at the bottom of your blog post.


NOTE: Much of Google Placement involves origin. Google includes the origin of the person (you) at the location of the computer you copy the link location from. So if you want your target Google Placement to be ranked high from people searching in Claremont, CA, you must be in Claremont, CA to Copy the Link Location if that is your target market. The master copy includes the location but also the time and browser information. Google flows in a realtime atmosphere which adds benefit to the 3 most important people. The Customer. The Business. The Google. I believe the number is 72 days; many experts say 90 days. So the link is no good after a while. Change it up use firefox. explorer. opera. flock. chrome. Replicate your work.

Be a master at your craft.

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