Google Map Instructional

This map location below for Jeff Murphy achieved top map placement in 1 day. It took me about 3 hours to figure out why I could not get the location to display correctly.This is an example of a guy who does not have a location in Beverly Hills but I put the map location up anyway. I do not know the total results but Piano Tuning Beverly Hills was being searched for approx. 80-90 times a month.

I like the maps because they usually display above the organics. The secret to get your map up to the top eludes most people. The advantages to having the number 1 spot on the internet for your map is obvious to any smart phone user. When you take an iPhone and select maps, it opens Google maps or for the few. You type in what your looking for like Piano Restoration while your sitting in your home in Beverly Hills. The first “flag” or “pin” displayed is the top location for the maps under the keyword associated with the area you are searching for. Your number is displayed and they press the call button. Ring Ring… Enough map locations can bring you hundreds of phone calls a week.



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