Why I like the Maps: Lakewood Piano Tuner

I love doing the maps. The maps give the edge on the entire page. Lets kick back for a moment and discuss. Let me throw a screenshot in here.


This is the top of my browser. You notice I do not have any menus or searchbars or even the location or address bar is gone? How do I go somewhere on the web? Why do I do this? 1st of all I know the shortcuts. Ctrl L pops the address bar out and Alt brings the menu back and Ctrl E or K brings the search up. I do this because I want to see everything on the screen. A whole bunch of average users browser looks like the screenshot below.

Lakewood_Piano_RestorationThey have been overwhelmed by the web for sure. But look how much space they lose. So these users believe the web is only the top of google which is only the ad section. Those fortunate enough to see the first line under the ads see the top map location. Toolbar addiction – ick. You can see that Jeff is on the bottom of the ads and the top of the map. Not too shabby. Lakewood Piano Tuner.

Lakewood Piano Tuner



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