Google No Longer Free; Google 3.0: Marketing Los Angeles

Marketing_Los_AngelesCurrent Google 2.0 Trend: When you search for a keyword like “Marketing Los Angeles” and you begin to peruse the options, You notice that Google places ads on the Top and Right and Below of the natural search. You notice that you can now barely see the ad box color. This almost indistinguishable ad color is because Google is moving your customer experience.

Future Google 3.0 Trend: I believe they will eventually drop the color all together and soon you will no longer be able to distinguish the ads from search results. Then they will simply bump down the search results for the amount of advertisers they carry. That is the current projection for Google making Search Engine Optimization even more important because the day may come when the there will only be 1 free spot on the front page for revenue producing keywords.


-Ed Sparks
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  • He
    Posted at 17:56h, 15 February

    You know that this has no evidence of happening at all. Google would still be free with ads like that anyway, you aren’t paying them for it.

    • Ed Sparks
      Posted at 18:05h, 15 February

      Google would be free to the end user but not free for the business. The business would certainly have a higher cost and knock out sites that are ranking by default. You would pay me to put you possibly in the bottom slot on Google which would be less effective than me putting you in slot number 1.

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