How to Take the First 4 pages in Google for your Keyword: Master Level Google Certification: Google Theory

The First few pages can be completely conquerable.  Theory is the key to make this work for you.

Google Theory: Google will not give more than 1 spot per hosting IP minus a few exceptions.

Google_IP_Theory_Redondo_BeachYou can see when I type in my forum address, I get the top heading. I also get a “most recent” plug for my site. Underneath I get 3 Spots from which means that a few people have dug my articles. Digg ranks pretty high so be sure to pay attention in future posts. I get a twitter bump from an account that Retweeted my link. So at most 2 of these comes from the IP address of the computer that hosts my website.

The easiest way to take over multiple pages for a specific combination of keywords is similar .COMs hosted all over the web. Yahoo Hosting, Godaddy, HostGator, MSN, and Hundreds more.

jeff_murphy_piano_tunerJeff has a great spider strategy where he uses each of his randomly hosted domains together to crash 1 common keyword and 2 independent keywords. Normally a page will only be able to hold 3 keywords.

This is completely blowing away the piano tuning market for as little as 75-100 dollars a month.

#1 Google Principle: Multiple hosted websites targeting the same keyword will easily take over more than 1 position on the front page.


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