Where Have All the Cowboys Gone: El Segundo Piano Tuning

A few things to note here. Number 1: there is no map location associated with the area. How do you effectively make the page display something that is not there? Number 2: The ranking is no longer there today. Is it possible to go backwards? Yes.

Sometimes you have to make tough decisions. If you have taken the time to notice, each one of these listings has displayed the homepage only. The work has never displayed www.**.com/**/. Why is this? Can you use SEO to optimize an inner page? Yes. The reason why this work was not currently listed there today is we made a sacrifice on what 5 or so keywords we wanted the target city to be. We cut out El Segundo Piano Tuner as a keyword but in the meta data its still there. So does the meta tags work anymore? The answer is No. Or mostly No. A meta tag will only reinforce the robots to match the data with what you put. If it matches it displays. If it doesn’t its not included.



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