Loss of Confidence

Keyword Planner is Broke: Loss of Confidence in Google Search Reporting

After weeks of using the keyword planner tool, I can confirm that the tool gives incorrect data. I have begged Adwords staff to put in tickets for the keyword planner with assurance that the “engineering department” is working on it. I believe it is the timing unit on the tool; however one can tell with ease that the information is wrong. Look below:


Bad Information

Honestly. Apartments Hollywood 210 searches a month. Pffff…. Maybe an hour. Honestly … LA Homes $1.45 average cost per click… Really…. ? ? ? So here is Google telling me to plan on a 8 month SEO hiatus telling me that it makes more sense that I optimize for apartments than homes. Also it may be nice in the long run to know that more people search for la apartments than apartments la, but I remember when these numbers were the same. If you want to know about how far off these numbers are look at my past screenshots. Start with Today:

Loss of Confidence

Previous numbers in the 100ks:

Not Good Info

How am I suppose to work if I have bad information. What tool is going to be better than momma? Majestic.? Market Samurai? I weened myself off these years ago for certain reasons only to find they being the few options left for common sense goal reporting.

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