Why You Will Suck at SEO Forever

Why You will Suck at SEO Forever.

You will need at least 5 or 6 different programmers on staff who program each intermediary language on a routine basis to be an SEO. There is no other professional possibility. You will need someone who routinely programs in the outgoing language between Linux/Unix and the search engine. Between the platform and WHM. Between WHM and CPanel. Between CPanel and your backend of choice. You cannot use any additional tools. No pluglins addons or assistance tools can be used for SEO. The computer languages cannot handle the additional bad coding. You must be in control as all search engines are computer programs, your server is the computer program, the management program is a computer program, your portal is a computer program, and the platform is a computer program. People who cannot handle this, probably should stop learning SEO and go sell something. Selling will save you from being overweight learning how to program.

It is impossible to be amazing at SEO without being a programmer as you will depend on horrible advice. How many good programmers or any programmers have ever made a YouTube tutorial -zero. They are busy in forums and playing games on their phone. I have purposefully traveled to many TED situations and none of them could do their jobs. They are just people who outsource which is why YOU the reader should stop outsourcing things you have no idea about and start doing tutorials on programming. If the person you are listening to in a video is not fat, bald and/or hairy, then move on. Time is a weird thing. You should probably take the time to enjoy your life instead of worrying about an industry full of programmers and daemons.

Search engines are programmed incrementally as a base, very few are ever reprogrammed because too many things are programmed on top of it. So the code involved is around the time period and will never advance. Of course that is only organics. You should recognize that search engines own parts of browsers. They can tell what real humans do or not. All pages have timestamps as computers run with these matrix. You must know the timestamps are important. Humans must do everything – schedulers and auto anything will punish you. I do use a mouse recorder but it is only for assets and not for the internet.

The website you are building is an example of your craftsmanship. If you are not doing Q&A, you probably won’t make a difference. Search engines are businesses and can do what they want. If you spend years trying to get somewhere, sometimes there are business reasons that you cannot. REMEMBER, most of you place because of default not because of skill. Someone who knows what they are doing will generally run you over no matter how many years you have been in the spot by default. It is simple mathematics and logic in programming.

It is not backlinks; it is spider activity. These are tools that you can make for yourself to do what you need to do. Not things you use. You would never program a spider to run your own backlinks, you would need to create the spider to be a spider and mess up everything with it. Entrance languages and exit languages are the most important. Once you have the satisfied the gods that you can communicate outside their tools, you will be accepted into the family. Only one man and his apprentice programmed each search engine. It was made by humans. Humans fired that man and replaced him with over seas workers. Spend your time here -> https://developers.google.com/web. Go back as far as you can and learn the basics. I still have my own ceiling to deal with. Goodbye.

  1. If the people who program the intermediary language between the Server and the entrance/exit language from the search engine are not the ones who write the copy, you will always suck at SEO.
  2. If you use the public_html folder, you will always suck at SEO.
  3. If you use Yoast or any other tool including Analytics, you will always suck at SEO.
  4. If you know what a backlink is, you will always suck at SEO. A backlink is only a pathway. It is not a measurement.
  5. If the writer cannot program a spider, you will always suck at SEO.
  6. If you use any more than 1 or 2 plugins, you will always suck at SEO. Do not use any type of addon or plugin past the core the templates come with. Any additional plugins notify search engines that you suck with bad code. All the things those plugins can do; anyone can do. Try stack with all your searches and learn from the programmers instead of pointy shoe faggots.
  7. If you don’t have a tidy tree, you will always suck at SEO.
  8. The rest is just the basics. Do not go past the very basic of basics. In the basics, backlinks were never mentioned because the COMPUTER programmers on a search engine staff would rather agree with you that a backlink is important, then instruct you as to what the hell you should be thinking about in terms of spider language and packet communication. Dummies.
  9. The programmers would laugh as they would write the script for Matt Cutts to say. All of them because it is so simple to spot where he was going to waste your time, but they kept on wasting your time.
  10. If you work on Magento at any time during the day, you have my respect. Kudos.
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