SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Is Nothing without SEP (Search Engine Placement): How to Get a New Keyword to Bite by Ed Sparks

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Is Nothing without SEP (Search Engine Placement): How to Get a New Keyword to Bite

Too Funny. People who do SEO are hilariously a waste of jumble and jargon. There is nothing new to SEO. You underline….. I’ll post SEO basic principles later. Lets get to the meat. So you’ve prepared your particular page with all the necessities: proper keyword usage, backlinks with the keyword, a few web 2.0 instances, some social media optimization and you cant find your site on the first 80 pages. So what do you do?

1. Google can take almost 90 days to run your site. I believe its more like 72 days for a non-blog site so be patient with your backlinks.

2. A quicker way to get it to run is to resubmit the sitemap in your google webmaster tools. This is done automatically by most WordPress and Joomla sites which is why they are favored.

3.  Here it goes: First check and see if the page you are looking for is indexed. You do so by searching for the exact content on your site. Copy the text and paste it into Google. Press search and make sure it comes up.


4. Here it goes: Then use the simple command “” around your keywords use the +matrix to add your website name or quick reference to your site. Like So.


5. Copy the Link URL/Tiny URL/put in traffic exchange for a day combo like I showed you previously.

6. The next day or two you should be listed in the 50’s pages for your keyword. Search for the keyword combination without quotes. Find your link. Copy the Link URL. Put it into Tiny URL like so /Keyword_Combination_Year_Month. Drop it into a traffic exchange for 100 views. Broadcast it in your social media accounts. Repeat the process in 2 days using a different browser.

7. If it is a macro keyword, you will have to do more than 100 views maybe even into the 1000s. You cannot use the Copy Link over 48 hrs. So you must keep repeating the process. Also the higher you crawl after you hit page 1, the natural traffic will start to kick in. This will drive you higher and higher into the #1 placement easily.


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