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Social_Media_Omptimization_SMO_Los_AngelesA little bit more of an explanation and build on the last post on SMO or Social Media optimization. This account is Beverly Hills Movers which I built for Coast to Coast Movers. They couldn’t settle their bill so we settled on my ownership of their Web 2.0 accounts. You can see that I always use pictures of Females. I also use the keywords combinations I am looking for. You can see I am friends with my other accounts and how playing games can put your brand in front of all of your followers.

I also can use one account to help the other accounts with the games they are playing. In the long run, there is absolutely no point to any game on Facebook.

Below is the Pack Air facebook account that displays a good use of branding. If you “follow” the rules and create a page for your business instead of a profile for your business, then you will not have this luxury. So always create a profile; use your logo as your picture, and post coupons often.


Social Media Branding Los Angeles

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