How to Properly Use Facebook: Social Media Marketing Hermosa Beach

The easiest way to get friends/broadcast your brand to millions of people is to play games. Playing games while at work require tedious addicting FB upkeep, but people always want to be your friend. Above shows your brand to other people. My city’s name is LA RealEstate.

Hermosa_Beach_Real_EstateIn this particular game, when they come to my city it is obvious who they are playing with… LA Real Estate. This works well with any branding. The entire platform is designed to make you “connect” with other people by getting them to play the game your playing. If you need helpers, neighbors, allies, friends, shoppers, anything; so does everyone else. So there are pages dedicated to making this happen. Post on those “daily players” game fan pages and watch your allies and friends increase in the game. Your inbox everyday for games will look like this.

Manhattan_Beach_Real_EstateSocial Media Marketing Hermosa Beach

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