Using Twitter to Pump up Traffic: Twitter Marketing Hermosa Beach

Twitter_Marketing_Hermosa_BeachTwitter_Marketing_Los_AngelesI have lots of secrets to using twitter. But to define the site and the outreach you can have, I have displayed to you the view numbers on my site before and after. One thing you must remember is these people will follow you to the ends of the earth so tell them the truth. Always tell the truth and give people new content each day. My Twitter following is over 20k at the moment. Above is the traffic number for the site you are reading this on before I sent the tweet below. 5000+ followers only 18 people clicked the link plus myself. Really? Nope. The maximum followers that receive the tweet is only 2k for every tweet. I believe it is calculated on most recent login. So the most recent 2k received the tweet.


Twitter Marketing Hermosa Beach

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