How to Get Rid of Spam Manually: WordPress Management Hermosa Beach

Wordpress_Management_Redondo_BeachThe absolutely worst part about using a wordpress blog is the spam. Oooh… Need Cheap Viagara? I can’t stomach it but there is a way to maintain the spam yourself with a plugin. Now you could just delete it forever and ever and ever deleting which is pretty much you versus a computer somewhere. This is not going to work out for you or your time so I suggest IP Filter plugin. Wordpress_Management_Manhattan_Beach As you can see in the photo, It simply grants or denies a list of IP addresses. Well easier said then done when it comes to a random IP generator hooked up to a computer that just randomizes 720 hrs a month. But you can definately get alot more free time. As you can see above, I put all spam into the spam folder. I save it for a few different reasons but 1 is the IP address which is where the spam is coming from. Then I simply copy and paste the IP address under the deny space. I could just type in 188.168.* but I don’t know the actual location of this computer. So I just do each of them hoping that eventually the IP addresses that they have purchased finally run out – which I am confident I will hit the end of the spam.  Wordpress_Management_Hermosa_BeachWordPress Management Hermosa Beach


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