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Sr Marketing Executives Will Work In Your Business to Drive Sales.

Ed Sparks

Master of Digital Marketing – Internationally Recognized SEO Specialist. Photoshop artist for red carpet events, politicians, celebrities and luxury corporations. Private client computer servicer. Master of digital software and troubleshooting for media as management. Master internet engineer and master lead generation technician. Flown worldwide serving millionaire portfolios as protagonist for marketing to Americans.

Art Portfolio: Ed Sparks’ Art Portfolio. DO NOT VIEW ON A PHONE. His SEO, Programming & Video Portfolios are also Very Large.

Current Project and Location: Business Development. Montanita, Ecuador .

Availability: AVAILABLE 24hr Flight Notice. International OK. Yacht OK. Contact – Call Office or Email.

As of Today, Ed Has Been to 68 Countries, 5 Territories Read Article
Open Visas in Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, Venezuela.

Tony Filipic

Master of Digital Media – Digital Media Master at Hermosa. Boasting the largest celebrity service portfolio in Los Angeles. Professionally performed all areas of production. Master of every type of modern day digital camera. Awarded film editor, TV colorist, and recognized for DIT services. Motion graphics expert and print design extraordinaire. Unmatched creativity producing anything a mind can dream up live and in person. Digital resource and confidant for the families of sports players, celebrities, politicians and corporations.

Current Project and Location: Audio/Visual Roadie P.O.D. Tour of the USA – United States Venues

10/27/15: Awarded Best Documentary Award International Fashion Film for
8/10/19: Awarded Best Colorist Award Hollywood Horror Film Festival.

Availability: AVAILABLE 24hr Flight Notice. International OK. Contact – Call Office or Email

Recent Projects:
Media Manager – Fast & Furious 8 – Universal City, CA.
Colorist – Angry Birds, Sony Studios – Culver City, CA.
Production Director – NY Fashion Week – New York, NY.
Lead Editor – Fashion Documentary – Studio City, CA.
Production Director – Whiskey A Go Go – West Hollywood, CA.

Jeffery A. Arnold

Master of Digital Sound – Master Sound Mixer for live events and TV. The most established name in sound mixology and sound board management. Producing sound score for movies and digital media. Entrusted part of Al Jazeera live sound normalization team for the Pope’s visit to America. Engineer and sound editing for his own real estate of popular US musicians. The “relationship coordinator” for Hermosa’s interest to the public. A noted expert and representative for sound as a profession.

Current Project and Location: On Tour – Laveau – United States, Canada, Europe.

9/24/15: Managed Sound TV Normalization for the Pope’s Visit to America.

Availability: MODERATE 3 Week Flight Notice. Immediate Remote Only. International OK. Contact – Call Office, Agent or Email

Recent Projects:
Sound Director – NY Fashion Week – New York, NY.
Normalization – Al Jazeera – New York, NY.

James “PKO” Eddy

 Master of  Construction Art – Master Pen and Ink Artist. Snowboard designer and conceptionist for everything outdoors. Primary album cover artist for the Rock N Roll industry. Highly regarded as Hollywood Hard Rock’s “most frequently put to work” artist. Graffiti cover-up artist for the City of Venice Beach.  Mediums include ink, construction, graffiti and canvas. Oversees look and feel for corporate representation. Manages everything non-digital for profit.

Current Project and Location: Art Commission – Sarasota, FL

Availability: NO Unknown Next Availability. International NO. Contact – Call Office or Email.

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