I Found the Hacker Anonymous Using Search Engines and Translator June 24

AbrekHack - BYTIT

I Found the Hacker Anonymous Using Google June 24th and sent my find to the bureau of cyber intelligence and they didn’t even respond back to me so let  me show you how I found him and why it was an accident. First of all I don’t care what you do on the internet. Almost every terms of service agreement I have broken and been banned along the way from almost every site you’ve heard of. But you have to learn where your boundaries are.

As I have gotten older, I have discovered that the world doesn’t want to hire talented people. Companies don’t believe my resume. I’ve had no’s from Hoogle, Bafoo, Pitter, MaceHook, Patel, Fetchers, PegAvenue, Fustler, HarryMyntPublications like 200x thanks a bunch Kelly Moeckele, Mlaytoy etc. I always hire the best. Some of these guys are $$ but I need people that can do the work…

6-24So. I understand when people get angry that corporations are so big but the people they hire are so bad at what they do. Anonymous is no different, but by no means is he doing this alone. On June 23, 2013 a client’s website was hacked through Magento . Magento is really easy to get into but the actual content is hard to decipher once taken. The whole screen was a leave behind by AbrekHack-byTIT. No biggy. They took all the credit card transactions and left it like this on the left. Hard to not notice since they left the same thing on the right. This of course was reflected on the actual design of the homepage.

So I get a call on a Monday and this is what I am told to do – Find em. So I start tearing into the situation using the following:

First I copy pasted the notice to see if anything had happened to anyone else using the same handle . I also shut down the incoming ports and started shuffling inquiries to the db personnel and management of the company. I wanted to know if we could make the platform more secure if at all possible .  This is some of the stuff I found and I will explain below.



Me being American I thought at first it was Russian. Then I changed my mind later when i started noticing the translator asking me to translate to turkish. Then I started looking for the graphic. I also noticed that this was a mistake on their part. Even though this text was hidden text behind this photo ; it was still text and text is a search engine’s friend.  I busted open the source code which I grabbed from the gods at the W3 below and some things on the general source of the other infected sites. I noted the location of the image hosting and started my own notepad of locations to see where the path would lead. I screenshot the entire process.



Dead end location so I hit the W3 again with source code requirements and started using query tools in the search engine to pin point what was actually going on . I could not find this search term anywhere so I ditched the US and brought up Hoogle Turkey. I started running the search bar to maximum capacity to find to my displeasure . Link abatement strategy …. software industry style…. same style used for antipiracy and the direct agreement with the major search providers for anti-piracy and torrent defense backfired on team USA. The bastards have buried their search terms with torrent defense splash pages which were all ranking super high for pages and pages of search masking. all thought out… all done using the correct methods.. so i started using software terminology and the hoogle translation tool together to run into the training facility .






I also took the time to look up the who.is on their domain. I was really interested on the age of this situation and where the servers were located. You can see now I am ruling out locations. This guys nowhere near the UK?? Or maybe to get the domain he wanted he had to register it in a country that could actually sell it to him.



And then I finally found something I was interested in and it wasn’t even in the text. It was an old logo for a club… a hacking club of sorts . It just popped out at me that very possible I was in the right place. NMTD Hackers was in the banner . So I started Diving into as deep as I could .


Once I saw this, I immediately had a new keyword. I figured that the TIM in the hacked by could also be an old version of TIT. The exact guy I was looking for . So I did some investigation on the origin and the nature of this hacking club to find it was shut down several years ago…. and the site looked like this . . .


Most of you would assume that this website is down and would obviously head on their merry way. But not a pro. Now I’m really interested. WordPress build … the directory tree… I have the folder names and the db possibilities have narrowed to possibly find the guy I’m looking for. I start clicking around getting a bunch of 404s until I found their hiding spot. … Of course waaaaay too deep for ppl like the CIA to look … pfffttt..



Bingo found a hidden conversation room in the middle of nowhere of a “banned” webhost owned by a famous hacking group. Of course I knew when I hit this room that I had a time limit. I was not looking for anybody but 1 person and that person was ABREK-BYTIT. Whoever this person was I knew that these guys would know. So I did the logical thing I copy pasted the conversation into a document and then into the translator which I posted below.

OMG these guys are my idols. They are so smart. They pass information so well around the web and do it with some class about them .

1st a majority are muslim between 19 and 24 but there are a few Americans as well. The Americans go by Veteran and I believe Anonymous is American too. They speak great Thai and Spanish and Turkish ; however their Turkish grammar is terrible which they use the American sentence structure to say what they (2 I mentioned) mean.

2nd. They use the internet to pass themselves passwords . Most are placed either in bold wording in some sort of random passcode. Most are placed within profiles of girls (virgin girls) scattered about the web . Most are placed inside HouTube Videos . The passwords are embedded in the video at particular segments with fake comment bots running the video as well . I scrubbed their MaceHook fake profiles finding the passwords were hidden inside the Cover Photos for their fanpages . Its so crazy. They drop links in their posts and use a scraper bot to run the profile and compile links scraped by others in a pass of information between professionals. I bow to these people because they are using languages that are unpopular to stay somewhat under the radar… finally people with talent and Zero Vocabulary necessary.





3rd. Misafir. These guys all work as a team. They are nailing the UN, the embassy , the secret service in various countries, private jet itineraries, watching entire hosting networks. Everything is below.  2 or 3 guys open up the security as a bridge around the portal. Monster key string generators hit the database until they unlock the cPanel and they rip the entire database while the normal security levels are kept. Amazing.


16 19 20 25

4th I followed them around the web for about an hour. Every link I found was the login to serious shiite. Including the cPanels to so much crap. So I did the most logical thing . I logged into their conversation and said hello . Used my handle . Waited for a bit… What did I type in ?? Hello. . Im looking for someone…. AbrekHack BYTIT….  I didn’t even know who these people were until I looked up some handles.. Of course it 404’d in a time… I don’t have anything against them except one of their friends messed with my clients which means you came after my family…   Did I find the people ??? yep.. How ??? I matched the graphic of the Turkish flag to a hacking group in Turkey and then left a friendly retaliation cyber bomb in one of 1000s of profiles I made in the span of about 6 weeks… Cool that I found someone that apparently the US “highly trained idiots” can’t find. .. I did it in 3 hours. .. Nothing really proprietary about it..

Below is the transcript Including the Persona Anonymous. I also put the letter I wrote to the government which no one ever decided to do anything about. Thats because they are too busy worrying about their lunch break :

NMTD TIM: Welcome to. / Span>
Rule 1 lloyd banks!
Arid 2 Discussion Forbidden!
Home Rule!: NMTD TIM Forum Rules applies.
NEFER: www.nmtd.org / / NMTD TIM
YagizHan: Hellooo
AYDINBEY: and Alaikum salaam
Turkoglu: Salaam alaikum.
OverDose: Hellooo
YagizHan: Peace be
Rio DeL: Aley Selamun? M
OverDose: Peace be
Rio DeL: Inc.
YagizHan: Peace be pasam
Turkoglu: Hi Alaykum.
NEFER: yagiz pasam tammiyiz
YagizHan: I’m checking pasam
YagizHan: No secretary
Gokbey: SA
Rio DeL: S Inc.? Am
Turkoglu: Inc.
YagizHan: Peace be
NEFER: pasam Inc.
Turkoglu: sir.
AYDINBEY: Welcome gokbey pasam
YagizHan: Escobar pasam pm tossed with direct seizure
YagizHan: unable to join the
AYDINBEY: glad you’ve come.
OverDose: I think not at Dogan005
Gokbey: guys i k? Sa kal? Glass is just a ka? Make information? p he called you a staff? rd??? m? z that? advanced B? rak? glass
Turkoglu: Komutanim understood.
Gokbey: this meeting? space? s? k? nt? l? san? r? m
Gokbey: distressed I think this meeting will not accept Turkish characters
Gokbey: distressed I think this meeting will not accept Turkish characters
Rio DeL:
Turkoglu: Yes, sir
Rio DeL: we use a vowel
AYDINBEY: I’m opening groupmsn?
Turkoglu: MSN late reply coming.
Turkoglu: Dönem’deki Komutanim your night, as the Group uses MSN?
Gokbey: Face make public chat? N
Gokbey: soldier communicates to you my statement is
Gokbey: soldier communicates to you my statement is
OverDose full it was going to say
Gokbey: Good night
Rio DeL: a social project i am not at home? In? City di? Indayim
OverDose: it becomes difficult to collect from msn now
Turkoglu: I Would Be Simple. Facebook.
Turkoglu: Yagiz Komutanim. What Ekib’den accompanying persons on Facebook?
YagizHan: No No suan
OverDose: fb / dose.turk
Turkoglu: https://www.facebook.com/DoLuNaY.NMTD?ref=tn_tnmn
Turkoglu: https://www.facebook.com/DoLuNaY.NMTD?ref=tn_tnmn
Turkoglu: https://www.facebook.com/DoLuNaY.NMTD?ref=tn_tnmn
Turkoglu: https://www.facebook.com/DoLuNaY.NMTD?ref=tn_tnmn
Turkoglu: https://www.facebook.com/DoLuNaY.NMTD?ref=tn_tnmn
Turkoglu: https://www.facebook.com/DoLuNaY.NMTD?ref=tn_tnmn
Turkoglu: https://www.facebook.com/DoLuNaY.NMTD?ref=tn_tnmn
Turkoglu: https://www.facebook.com/DoLuNaY.NMTD?ref=tn_tnmn
Turkoglu: https://www.facebook.com/DoLuNaY.NMTD?ref=tn_tnmn
Turkoglu: https://www.facebook.com/DoLuNaY.NMTD?ref=tn_tnmn
Turkoglu: Eklermisiniz.
YagizHan: once intelligible to your share of
Turkoglu: Lag, I guess. Please accept my apologies.
Dogan005: Good evening, junior and superiors ..
Dogan005: I apologize to you for this condition of affairs could not go because of ..
Prickly: Hellooo
Rio DeL: I’m here
Prickly: Abi
Prickly: wake up number konusacaz
Prickly: O Konuy
Rio DeL: yes
Prickly: Haarp approximately two years studying the issue of
Prickly: the system is connected as a live camera images available on the site
Prickly: a way into the system made it reach out to all the data
Rio DeL: hmm. HAARP is already in the water because of the earthquakes in a month
Prickly: I know, man
Prickly: We need to find a solution
Rio DeL: baglimi checkpoint system
Prickly: www.haarp.alaska.edu
Prickly: man never looked Systems
Rio DeL:
Prickly: an operation gotta arranging,
Rio DeL: Let
Rio DeL: If the system difficult to name checkpoint
Prickly: I’ll investigate a rear spare laptop aliyim
Prickly: Samil a meeting had come yapalimmi
Rio DeL: Receive
Rio DeL: here
Prickly: Samil a meeting had come yapalimmi
Prickly: I called brother
Anonymous: ok
Prickly: anonymous
Prickly :: D
Anonymous :: D
Anonymous: I do not have it
Prickly: he samil I thought you: D
Anonymous ::)
Prickly: facebooktan
Prickly: 4 built for thousands of’m trying to pull data tables: D
Anonymous: Do you think bise çikarmi
Prickly: the Reject brother
The Pahtron: I’ll be less then
Anonymous: ok samil
Prickly: bidet, wrote Pahtron ya: D
The Pahtron: ee Nami who this KATRANCI 🙂
The Pahtron: Have ya: D
Anonymous: I do not know who is this KATRANCI
Anonymous ::)
The gas reyiz Pahtron :: D: D
Prickly :: D
Anonymous ::)
Prickly: Eyt
The Pahtron: hackliyim Stop web site. D
Anonymous: get past samil
Anonymous: Stay the hell bi
The unique md5 Pahtron :: D: D
Prickly: Stop Surda meeting gonna do it
The Pahtron: 416947dc3ddd5871659ee142273ffa95
The Pahtron:
Prickly: wait
Prickly: the water is boiling you 🙂
The Pahtron :: D
The Pahtron: ynen
The Pahtron: Thanks to you, the program has crashed: D
Anonymous: Look at the HAARP EVENT samil veterans told us to go. I do not know girebilecekmiyiz topic and be engaged in systems
The Pahtron: Which harp \ ‘s systems girecez
Prickly: Any position in the worldwide If you are a Yankee will be created
Prickly: Do not you know HAARP
Prickly: Frequency event
The Pahtron: bi min
Prickly: the atmosphere creates haraketlenme statosfer etc.
Prickly: www.haarp.alaska.edu
Prickly: Sitesu this
The Pahtron: If you can handle to power the computer geçerebilirsek natonun buzz they come to us, but NATO is leading them
Prickly: Nato story or something
Prickly: Nato here to rule the
Prickly: the Earth is always directed British policy
Prickly: Worl-
Prickly: yazmiy
The Pahtron: If you have dealt with this machine geçirisek napacagiz
The Pahtron: If you have dealt with this machine geçirisek
The Pahtron: did not leave the same
Prickly: the data we’ll take your hand
Prickly: according to the available data
The Pahtron: attack yapcagiz
Prickly: a lot of the news report in the NY times, notably yayicaz
Prickly: If we say that an invasion would be generally
The Pahtron: Ny Times?
Prickly: New York Times
The Pahtron:
The Pahtron: I can spread the news of an element can have just by accessing
Prickly: Element who
Prickly: I need someone trusted us
The Pahtron: Bem’m an agent
Anonymous ::)
Prickly:’m an agent saying 🙂
The Pahtron: I leaked it receives data for the PKK training that element çökertmisitk
Prickly: The name of this element in what sani
Prickly: how much can we trust
Prickly: Where are the age of the number of
The Pahtron: 15 years is adanali bisey
The Pahtron: also already at the level of
The Pahtron: Who is ready for the task
The Pahtron: Does the task keeps calling
Prickly: profile here at bkaim
Prickly Ava avlanmiyalim way
Prickly: This is a must if you’re going to think about what might happen in the most difficult conditions
Prickly: So he is a man mehmet
Anonymous: yes
The Pahtron: In fact, it is
The Pahtron: We need to be av
The Pahtron: If you want to examine
Prickly: How? hunting may keep us
The Pahtron: https://www.facebook.com/HaCKeR.BySaNaL?fref=ts
Prickly: little more hungry topic
The Pahtron: 3 If you are the water we
The Pahtron: everyone makes the distribution of tasks
The Pahtron: we collect in accordance with istasiklere
The Pahtron: we collect in accordance with istasiklere
Prickly: It’s a beautiful diyorsunda
Prickly: But does it have what it ourselves on hunting
Prickly: Let’s take food instead of hunting the hunter avliyalim eating :))
Anonymous: If someone you trust about the game
Anonymous: Adam us
Anonymous: hunting
Prickly: Exactly man
Prickly: so
Prickly: 15 years at the rear
Anonymous: I samil Benm: D
Prickly: How the NY times
Prickly: news forward
Prickly: Hell
Prickly: Which one of which one of
Prickly: Mehmet brother where are you
Prickly :: D
Anonymous: Benm name altered for some reason: D
Prickly: yyy
Anonymous: asdas,
Anonymous: samis: D
Anonymous: everyone was anonymous
Anonymous: why was such that
The Pahtron: I’m here
Anonymous: ok
Anonymous: sa
The Pahtron: As
Rio DeL TURK: ok is
Anonymous: Mehmet Abi burdamisin (Gazi)
Rio DeL TURK: I’m here
Anonymous: Okay, let’s move on dude
The Pahtron: I
The Pahtron: abi napacagiz
Anonymous: Now
Anonymous: This night
The Pahtron: geçericegiz dealt site
Anonymous: The aim is not to hack the site elegeçirmek
Anonymous: Industrial PCs are connected to servers with the site is connected
Anonymous: topliyacaz records and logs that
The Pahtron: Very etkli not think it was coming, but bad if we arrested their PCs rope olr
Anonymous: static ip probably be able to connect from outside
Anonymous: Open ports will need to find
The Pahtron: the men are rugged
The Pahtron: but it seems to me that to a certain extent rely on
Anonymous: Yes, it is
Anonymous: exports and imports of a certain sum of ground turkey was telling the guys up there 🙂 tackling the billions of dollars)
Anonymous: Never underestimate your enemy
The Pahtron: Bank hesapalarinada ulasabilsek
Rio DeL TURK: Is there a room on site recording important data value
Anonymous: you see how big the enemy is going to do great plans okadar
The Pahtron: Exactly
Anonymous: Abi we investigate or not I can not say there is suan necessary to look for
The Pahtron: to infiltrate the data you need to database
The Pahtron: bunada program had to be mine
Rio DeL TURK: I like the HAARP web site is definitely a technology giant kursaydim data barindirmazdim
Anonymous: Abi infiltrate purpose server with the web site
Anonymous: not pull data from Web site
The Pahtron: same
Anonymous: Maybe the web server at site is located in the system is the same as the server’m doing assumption
Anonymous: the only thing we can do suan way to going through the web site 🙂
The Pahtron: Maybe those put them in the data that computers ip unplanned exits a certain number of things including bank accounts, such as ports, but they will not defend jobs
Rio DeL TURK: I think it is the site behind the firm serverin of Israel checkpoint server.
The Pahtron: Host bulaydik: D
Anonymous: gotta take a look at the host of
The Pahtron: wait a minute
Anonymous: Abi has no power of Israel destekliyecek okadar
Anonymous: look at Samil
Anonymous: ur
Anonymous: Stop
Anonymous: the financial perspective, destekliyemez
Anonymous: I’d probably say servers with Britain
Rio DeL TURK: ali agaoglu – server of the coach holding these companies in Israel
The Pahtron: Stop
The Pahtron: stop
The Pahtron: I found
The Pahtron:
The Pahtron: server belonging to America
The Pahtron:
Anonymous: I said,
Anonymous: she is not Israel
The Pahtron :: D
The Pahtron: atýcam link to you
The Pahtron: If you do not assign the code found
The Pahtron: https://www.whois.com.tr/?q=haarp
Rio DeL TURK: ok
Anonymous: stop throwing into samil
Anonymous: did not do the operation more
Anonymous: Fislenmiyelim already
Anonymous: patience
Anonymous ::)
The Pahtron :: D stan
Anonymous: If you have problems to disclose
The Pahtron :: D
Anonymous: Hold at
The Pahtron: I do not know now when I hear the water it çilidiym Americas
Anonymous: Mehmet Abi
Anonymous: you are involved in at least tell me their ideas
Anonymous ::)
The Pahtron: Exactly man
The Pahtron: I’m I’m comin 1 min
Anonymous: R & D department in my opinion, today, let’s make bi haarp
Anonymous: Then Evaluate them together
Anonymous: Let’s do team work simultaneously
The Pahtron: much better
Rio DeL TURKEY: will
Anonymous: 20:30 adequate?
The Pahtron: I’m evenings
TURKISH DeL Rio Suitable for:
The Pahtron: but maybe I’m
Anonymous: Samil between which hours you are here
The Pahtron: after school: D
The Pahtron: here we are up to 19
Anonymous: slightly distressed Hiim
Anonymous: up to 19 on weekends as well if you do not have such a rule sinirsizmi?
The Pahtron: from morning till evening: D
The Pahtron: guard to leave the account: D
Anonymous: Okay, then
Anonymous: Mehmet Abi
Anonymous: if Seninde
Anonymous: Saturday
Anonymous: let’s do this
Anonymous: morning
Anonymous: 12:00 Like
Rio DeL TURK: appropriate
The Pahtron: suitable for me anyway
Anonymous: Okay then, we’re here in 12:00 on Saturday, it was decided to
Anonymous: Now let’s other issues
The Pahtron: same
Anonymous: Mehmet Abi site s also touch on the issue of creating the new unit
Rio DeL TURK: nmtd earlier tim-grown, and I had decided to build a solid team all closely friend
Rio DeL TURK: nmtd then passes to catalyze action to give it up again
Anonymous: If suan still persist, then your team konusmuslugun
Rio DeL TURK: I did not join together to operations that have worked independently nmtd
Rio DeL TURK: seeing some of them are still with.
Anonymous: and with our o Taking into ekible
Anonymous: I’d say a new unit whenever there is no
Anonymous: But how much of dispute, however, that place will be healthy
Anonymous: Direct gotta get into the market like a bomb
Rio DeL TURK: I’ve got vbulletin full script. nmtd counted the same as in
Rio DeL TURKEY: the site can use it.
Anonymous: I have a script ayyildiz thymine
Anonymous: It does not matter, man
The Pahtron: abi I
Anonymous: Uses
The Pahtron: name found
Anonymous :: D
The Pahtron: Homeland Figthers
Rio DeL TURK: it is better
Anonymous: English is not
Anonymous: We are Turkish
The Pahtron: Fatherland Fighter
Rio DeL TURK: KGTR (Public Safety Turkey)
The Pahtron: Fine
Anonymous: Abi tell me there’s something güzelde
Anonymous: KGT (State Security Service) and the mixing can be
Rio DeL TURK: We have R.)
Anonymous: Prune media advertising is bad for us
Anonymous: Exactly: D
Anonymous: it’s called Ergenekon aramiza brother bring into intelligence man 🙂
Rio DeL TURK: We are already on the site will provide you with explanations like that ayt
Anonymous: the same can be
Anonymous: Sunacaz find a name, but a little more original
Anonymous: you’re still Samil isimsizmi
Anonymous: How a name [samil]
Anonymous: new ones
Anonymous: I’m here
Anonymous: gene isimsiim dec: D
Rio DeL TURKEY: A simple bi logo.)
Rio DeL TURK: https://p1305.hizliresim.com/19/8/mvk28.jpg
Anonymous: Napcaz dec: S
Anonymous: Abi nediyorsun
Anonymous: Can not get any more classic original name (Gazi)
Anonymous: reminiscent of the Ottoman Empire
Rio DeL TURK: hmm
Anonymous: AUTO Empires (samil)
Anonymous: Or, I think it might be a name that evokes previous hanlarimizi
Rio DeL TURK: I earlier name of the ottoman empire ottoman thymine was going to put the name of the site at the tim personelken
Anonymous: Samil English olmicak (Gazi)
Rio DeL TURK: that it would not
Anonymous: get KGTR then / samil
Anonymous: Samil 2 is built for bad publicity Ergenekon us ask him to do he dinlemiyonmu scratch your brother: D (Gazi)
Anonymous: Wave to me by this name that we are (Gazi)
Rio DeL TURK: in fact, is not the wave of the nation will be always upon us
Anonymous: Yeah dude right (Gazi)
Rio DeL TURKEY: You can use it well
Anonymous: I do not know how You can use orasini request should think ahead of the curve (Gazi)
Rio DeL TURK: How many years ago now proud you hear it some folks did not like the red Hacki
Rio DeL TURK: What diyosunuz guys
Anonymous: I think that would be
Rio DeL TURK: Gazi where
Anonymous: I do not know I’m here at abi (Gazi)
Anonymous: Red hack Russians already Rags
Anonymous: How to Yi KGTR made you think for ourselves, we may retain the nation’s pussy I think inserting the appropriate position (Gazi)
Anonymous: BENDE / SAMIL
Anonymous: BENDE / SAMIL
Anonymous: You are missing stay: D (Gazi)
Anonymous: Let me out then: D
Anonymous: Mehmet Abi
Rio DeL TURK: sir
Anonymous: KGTR look nice but it can not prevent people who are really pulls another direction (Gazi)
Anonymous: You talk
Anonymous: so far I love what I call twill samil that you ask him (Gazi)
Rio DeL TURK: I’m confused I do not know
Anonymous: Meeting yapiyoz Surda try not to get lost trying to find a name to get to where Turkish samil (Gazi)
Anonymous :: D
Rio DeL TURK: blah blah blah KGT will look at the questions on the site açtikdan
Anonymous: Request missing from the dione: S
Anonymous: I already almost the end of the duration of the meeting is going to be five gliyoruz (Gazi)
Anonymous: I ask him why I Saka
Anonymous: Abi future accusations Buzek s not just a good soup, even across flats will be the direction of the nation gelmicek
Rio DeL TURK: paragraph under the site will let you know the status. ideas are still important decisions every way yaninizdayim
Anonymous: Abi nice although my idea of ??a negative response, so I think çekicegimizi
Anonymous: Samil you nediyorsun :))) (Gazi)
Rio DeL TURK: Okay. KGTR Cancel
Anonymous: Abi birazda
Anonymous: Abi samil would agree to say yes to have a democracy did not vote: D
Rio DeL TURK: Have you looked at it = https://p1305.hizliresim.com/19/8/mvk28.jpg
Anonymous: kgtr
Anonymous: they say things like Pro Evolution Soccer
Anonymous: I look
Anonymous: I looked at the beautiful monument
Rio DeL TURK: let us make a decision
Rio DeL TURK: KGTR canceled already
Anonymous: We shot the first stamp
Anonymous: Pro Evolution / samil
Rio DeL TURKEY: The KGB in the excerpt that time 🙂
Anonymous: State-i Aliye-i Osmaniye (DAO)
Anonymous ::)
Anonymous: KGB intelligence for the Russians before us abi-friendly o (gas)
Rio DeL TURK: KGT configuration goes far back in the deep gas
Anonymous: State-i Aliye-i Osmaniye (DAO) This name may sound like a very classic How to Prune (veterans)
Rio DeL TURKEY: can
Anonymous: What’s older than KGT’s brother 🙂 (veterans)
Anonymous: KGT?
Anonymous: KVP MI IZLIYOZ: D
Anonymous: Require Public Security Organization 🙂
Rio DeL TURK: the name of the site until the lord of yarina
Anonymous: KVP izlemesende real youtube 🙂 (PREPARED)
Anonymous: Okay brother ozaman End Meeting
Anonymous: Ok Who is placing the site
Anonymous: Let’s find something up by tomorrow everyone WE immediately consultation with each other
Anonymous: we make will decide the abi 10 min
Anonymous: ok
Rio DeL TURK: Akinci certain he’s a liar in touch with ruler
Rio DeL TURK: the lies like I’m intelligence
Anonymous: What is it, that
Rio DeL TURK: masked bouncer hesabida belongs to him.
Rio DeL TURK: Bise not just the actual data to isolate this samil
Anonymous: If I had the intelligence Hakan Fidan, ooo I’d :))
Anonymous: my real information to know: D
Rio DeL TURK: I gotta honesty, sincerity, not information
Anonymous: Exactly man
Rio DeL TURK: honest human one aristirmaz
Anonymous: See you at the fair in the eyes
Anonymous: I hope the öyleyizdir samil (veterans)
Anonymous: Exactly man / samil
Rio DeL TURK: not in my eyes. Have a place in my heart I can not imagine it.
Anonymous: Seninde our brother
Rio DeL TURKEY: God bless.
Anonymous: you noble brother
Anonymous: Abi Blacktrack what happened?
Anonymous: Let’s find out we have no clue as veterans
Anonymous :: D
Anonymous: Allah (swt) bless you all for your feedback brother in me that I’m glad you all have distinct values ??(gas)
Rio DeL TURK: Linux removed.
Anonymous: hmm abi
Anonymous: Samil lack of laptop problem (gas)
Anonymous: demi though
Rio DeL TURK: What kind ofwork veterans
Anonymous: I varda my brother: D
Anonymous: my laptop wireless card is on the table if you do not backtrack or hard (gas)
Anonymous :: D
Anonymous: I have wiless
Anonymous: D
Anonymous: pc: D
Anonymous: zuhaha: D
Anonymous: I abi calismiyo
Anonymous: Site yapiyo program SATIYOM ypaiyom
Anonymous: but my dad wired diyo good: D
Rio DeL TURK: hmm
Anonymous: If that is not a standard name (veterans)
Anonymous: I have your permission aliyim
Anonymous: Gazi brother
Rio DeL TURK: How many ways to backtrack a bi suan kullaniyom it hurted password
Anonymous: dirt yi said money from the site
Anonymous :: D
Anonymous: I have LICA
Anonymous: The feature I hope we’ll see you again (gas)
Rio DeL TURK: I understand veterans
Anonymous: Samil are we gonna do, do not worry it works
Anonymous: just
Anonymous: Please God entrusted man Take good care of your self salvation (veterans)
Anonymous: See you tonight vesselam
Anonymous: Mehmet abide God bless you already support have helped us to make
Rio DeL TURKEY: God You \ ‘a safety Gazi.
Anonymous: See you entrust to God to get
Rio DeL TURK: How the Arts samil
Anonymous: Is brother Companies
Anonymous: for advertising: D
Anonymous: site support
Anonymous: as open or something: D
Rio DeL TURK: I did not understand facebook \ ‘a gel
Anonymous: tmm
Sonmez: I’m here, man
Rio del *: ok
Rio del *: drug activities. There Bise on that site is not legal
Rio del *: and girls than men
Sonmez: Human trafficking has the possibility of making even the man
Sonmez: Kari sell girl
The Pahtron: Hellooo
Sonmez: sexual perversion in Thailand to get get raped
Rio del *: india could already. Where’s the dirt over the vastness of the population there.
Sonmez: everything available
Rio del *: Inc.
The Pahtron: Exactly
The Pahtron: What abi Names
The Pahtron: in your mind
Sonmez: Alaikum salaam
Sonmez: samil are meeting today: D
The Pahtron: nevertheless konusalimda
Sönmez ::)
Rio del *: samil a separate thread talking. Sönmez samil facebook \ ‘Did you know you u?
Sonmez: do not know, man
Sonmez: does not know his
The Pahtron: Abi is private, let me out
Rio del *: no no, not special: D
Sonmez: Private not: D
Rio del *: verbal
Rio del * :: D
The Pahtron: Hea: D
Rio del *: Sönmez tells you Samil
Sonmez: Okay brother
Sonmez: Abi has eaten a bit below the home page that displayed the
Sonmez: 40 out of 50 if you have one photo girl: D
Rio del *: I want to get out from under him with. Turkey is an important site to look at this situation could result. it’s a lot, and this can become a great.
The Pahtron: that these can ever
Rio del *: Enter samil a branch target site, look what I got I’ll give eternal.
Sonmez: samil why we bahsediyoz: D: D
Sonmez: https://facebook.in.th/
The Pahtron: Sönmez Evening Dress
The Pahtron: tanmiyom
Sonmez: Al presentation examine samil
Rio del *: samil everything we have already pointed out the site does not go all the details
Sonmez: My name is (GAS)
Sönmez :: D
The Pahtron: hea: D
Sonmez: I gave the site
Sonmez: nceler
The Pahtron: Explored
Rio del *: if your intuition raises vital that we all going to change.
The Pahtron: where an estimated
The Pahtron: BISEY sell, but I will not say: D
Rio del *: IF ANY of the site under the BISE
Sonmez: Dude, I hope so
The Pahtron: because no man
Rio del *: woman satilyo pimps
Sonmez: same
Sonmez: Our lives should be saved tutsunda sezgilirin brother: D
Rio del *: can jigololukda.
Sonmez: jigolai while olmazmi against you so be there for sure 🙂 abi
The Pahtron: abi you to write a put okuyunb
The Pahtron: sales of truth against
Sonmez: Or all those who feed the chick: D
Rio del *: put the ha
Rio del *: the child does not go the site was changed
Rio del * ::)
Sonmez: hehehe :)))
Sonmez: Youth brother does not know any peach I ever :))
The Pahtron :: D
The Pahtron: brother sent
The Pahtron: read a good article with
Rio del *: banada gigolo came to bid olurmusun said that three years ago, both here pkk sirnakda do not have a bitch. I’d love to, but then rose higher percent of the market to pkk
Sönmez :: D
Sonmez: Samil where you will read text
The Pahtron: sanada want göndereym
The Pahtron: this is a woman’s handwriting
Sonmez: United States
Rio del *: all young girls.
The Pahtron: same
The Pahtron: Bird always tried his trade look like
Sonmez: what is this samil
The Pahtron: Did you read it
The Pahtron: a woman wrote about,
Sonmez: yes
Sonmez: Where did you get it: D
The Pahtron: a woman wrote about,
The Pahtron: I got it: D
The Pahtron: https://facebook.in.th/ViewProfile.php?fid=545958
The Pahtron: dude I shared: D
The Pahtron: what I call
Rio del *: OK, I’m looking
Sönmez ::)
Anonymous: baktin
Anonymous: verdigim office
Sonmez: yes
Sonmez: https://facebook.in.th/Map.php?q =???????????
Sonmez: You look at this link bidet
Anonymous: serefsizler
Sonmez: These are identified as a girl to me the meaning of facebookun
Sonmez: I want to call my place of business of the ykain facebook
Sonmez: they bounce you to the nearest girl: D
Anonymous: just
Anonymous: actually reach
Anonymous: …………. ediceksn. D
Sönmez :: D
Sonmez: boiling your water samis D:
Sonmez: Burdamisin mehmet brother
Anonymous: exactly: D
Sonmez: bidets, says the same: D
Sonmez: bi Kamisa of these jobs are not walking water especially: D
Rio del *: hahaha
Rio del *: hahaha: D
Sönmez :: D
Sonmez: Abi
Anonymous :: D
Sonmez: to decipher them now
Rio del *: Tell your eternal
Sonmez: One of the ways
Sonmez: water
Sonmez: I have already many 100s I received an email and password to
Anonymous: OK, let us go: D
Sonmez: Let’s follow on facebook a browse the database mesajlasmalarini
Anonymous: or hotmail
Sonmez: a few thing that comes out messages which certainly okuyinca
Sonmez: become clear
Rio del *: When there is trouble for it
Rio del *: more time in the next days I bulamicam
Anonymous: I can do
Anonymous: conversations, but of course if you do not like cleaning a property
Sonmez: I see brother
Sonmez: Okadar brother when in fact we have no trouble
Sonmez: Enough already 50 we look at one girl epostasina
Sonmez: I can not even within 2 hours 🙂
Anonymous: I’m 20, I take one
Anonymous: take one of the 20
Anonymous: Ufo brother takes 10 tnae yter: D
Sonmez: exactly: D
Rio del *: Look you know what?
Rio del *: bise these different
Sonmez: go ahead, man
Rio del *: I remember that I saw earlier
Rio del *: they are good girls, and the rich bitch from within satiyolar satiyolar
Rio del *: and all that’s happening on the site
Sonmez: Exactly man
Rio del *: anyone see someone face-to-face
Sonmez: Let’s do sell santajmi find rich: D
Rio del *: There are a lot of things, but a good brainstorming will sart
Rio del *: Where are you Samill
Anonymous: Capture the suffering videolarilari: D
Sonmez: Then let’s make today a solid brainstorming: D
Anonymous: spend the largest newyork
Rio del *: video not heat
Anonymous: navigates news agencies such as
Anonymous: I wonder what would happen?
Sonmez: anonymous they are not they doing samil They found an easy way to get rich
Rio del *: does not go exactly as
Anonymous: I’m not saying I ask them
Anonymous: This is going to sell to others or girls
Anonymous: Here are videos taken him
Sonmez: samil video varsada fellows would not be on the site in your pocket or usb or cd dedir
Sonmez: What to do now lord it
Sonmez: Samil bother you torment me
Sonmez: Has a arastirsana site admin panel
Sonmez: cpanel wp-login adminstrator and whatever comes out
Anonymous: ok arastiraym
Anonymous: tmm
Anonymous: site Pals
Rio del *: Teens sürükleniyoz for the Mafia. India Mafia Gangster 🙂
Sonmez: https://facebook.in.th/FriendsList.php?cx=partner-pub-3165355896356333:vdsbp1xhz7y
Anonymous: enough
Sonmez: Hehehe sürüklenelim mafia man they have not seen much :))
Rio del * ::)
Sonmez: Abi look into the article I found on the site :)) Escort is not long-lasting. Just soak in the sweetness. This sweet, this is meaningless. But if you regularly change. Another condition, called Fan. Party or both parties. Installed. They are mentally very happy. (Either physically good)
Anonymous: https://facebook.in.th/Login.php
Anonymous: https://facebook.in.th/Login.php
Sonmez: Samil Find other in her late: D
Anonymous: If you look at this
Anonymous: There are two ci sites
Sonmez: Okudunuzmu wrote
Sonmez: houses dating guys parties handing out 🙂
Anonymous: yes
Anonymous :: D hahaha
Anonymous: https://www.kaidown.com/
Anonymous: is a noble man ends
Rio del *: What is this sentence anliyonuz
Rio del *:
Rio del *: (your friend’s. Only-God \ ‘a social.)
Anonymous: whatever other things
Anonymous: https://facebook.in.th/Login.php https://facebook.in.th/logoutphp https://facebook.in.th/loginphp https://facebook.in.th/login1php https: / / facebook.in.th / log_in.php https://facebook.in.th/log-in.php https://facebook.in.th/login.php
Anonymous: Here kötüü
Anonymous: Exiting
Sonmez: They put me in Temptation
Sonmez: My bi
Sonmez: 20 min okiyim come in, have a complimentary part of
Anonymous :: D
Anonymous: brother threw facene
Sonmez: I saw
Sonmez: but the site
Sonmez: admin panel oldugunus
Sonmez: I do not think those places
Rio del *: does not go right.
Anonymous: I do not think so, but is connected to the backup server
Rio del *: thai site
Rio del *: This is a really
Rio del *: turkey is not
Anonymous: 12
Rio del *: 12 say samil
Anonymous: So olabilr
Rio del *:
Veterans: *
Veterans: Abi now what do we do about this facebook
Veterans: Obviously Eskor markets is a woman in the middle they are saying or something, etc.
Rio del *: I do not know that today I’m stopped
Rio del *: pills standing
Veterans Admin md5 untie the site to enter URLs deniyimmi
Veterans: or decoding of 2-3 women’s speeches edeyimmi
Rio del *: none of this can be risky.
Veterans: Exactly bencede
Rio del *: as it happens, can you take conversations
Veterans: Abi systems, I do not know, but I do not think çekilebileceigini speeches havij loggings
Veterans: but bkaiyim
Rio del *: ghost mode, are we gonna do what we’re gonna do. Lighter these guys close this broad
Veterans: Exactly man
Veterans: Normal members to decipher if we enter the state çakmazlar but just look at all çikicak’s Posts
Rio del *: will. Be quick though. Log in perhaps makes members.
Rio del *: it is very important for them
Veterans: ok dude just
Rio del *: fashion notify
Veterans: Girdim
Rio del *: ok
Veterans: Abi
Veterans: I like to share just in case there’s something not part of messages or something okadar
Rio del *: how are they that communication. S
Veterans: brother
Veterans: I think I just
Veterans: facebooku not
Veterans: Server Db with cine have reached havij
Veterans: There are 24 server with one domain
Veterans: I told you, or anywhere COMES admin name and pass other domains, probably belonging to
Rio del *: hmm
Rio del *: What country is this
Rio del *: India is not
Rio del *: thailand
Rio del *: Is it possible
Veterans: Taiwan
Veterans: Yes brother
Veterans: Thailand
Rio del *: hmm
Rio del *: Seems like look for kurcalamakda. Who knows what you will
Veterans: https://www.vhcs.net/
Veterans: Virtual hosting sites are controlled by
Rio del *: look, this is good. front of us, at least now we know that there is a secret event. does not control ground turkey with the virtual host you never even stopped a team does not do.
Veterans: Exactly man
Veterans: FTP Felan They control everything from there probably
Veterans: Virtual Host updated since April 2009
Veterans: Now if you would like to download a program that exe with password for ftp site I have
Veterans: myself completely withdraw all files
Rio del *: ok. I think I’d like to take a big step if we are entering the gas explosion of solid matter faydamiz innocent people solve
Pahtron: Sa
Rio del *: As
Pahtron: I have a ftp
Pahtron: enter
Pahtron: ftp id password
Veterans: as
Veterans: Do not worry I have it all 🙂
Pahtron :: D
Veterans: No access from the normal ftp samil
Veterans: You can not enter Istesende :))
Veterans: Exactly man çözecez permission of Allah
Veterans: Are you there: D
Rio del *: yes
Veterans: I swear I’ve phytic: D
Veterans: 20:10 I am the brother gelecem
Rio del *: ok
Pahtron: I buradym
Pahtron: Tue brother
Pahtron: I’m here, man
TURKEY: Bangladesh samil that site is one of the largest sites in markets is a woman mob liderleinin
TURKEY: thailand and bangladesh carried out
Pahtron: There is also a backup sites
Pahtron: other site, it will continue even hacklesek
TURKEY: Thai smugglers close friend of a friend last year, he hacked the man got up and hit the guy a knee injured man came to us now
Pahtron: We cherish napacagiz ip Request
Pahtron: impossible to find us
TURK: I have no problem for me to go to all kinds of gas is no problem but I’m afraid that because they have a little bit of your yasin
TURK: IP is not everything
Pahtron: Abi I Sell my responsibility
Pahtron: Cia Girdim
Pahtron: call from 3 months
Pahtron: head sikicaklardi
TURK: No I take that responsibility for you
TURK: I’m gonna give private addresses
Pahtron: yes
TURK: If someday bise go down there
Pahtron: ok dude
Pahtron: Abi insallah
Pahtron: right remains
TURK: I’ll tell you. drugs out of the site – a woman – animal – alcohol – ot have pazarliklarida
Pahtron: ok dude
TURKEY: The UN has also now seen as far as intention was to publish to the site index
Pahtron UN?
TURKEY: but to get ahead of the evidence in this information
TURKEY: United Nations
Pahtron: came to my mind: D
Pahtron: We are descendants of the man conqueror
Pahtron: Will not go there to die
TURKEY: allahina sacrifice your
Pahtron: Abi yasim olmayadi if you have a small or
Pahtron: You can also enter a place that is not easy man sat benm
Pahtron: There are a lot of guards at the gate gendarmerie. D
Pahtron: let them drop one’s got a gun cabinet
Pahtron: My father was from the old security: D
TURKEY: https://www.un.org.tr/ samil see buraninda deficit
Pahtron: just Bakay
pahtron: Did you come
pahtron: brother
Veterans: Yes
Veterans: 1min
Veterans: This Turkey Turkey mehmet my brother del rio
Veterans: There are old speeches
pahtron: DITTO
pahtron: See Read Senb
pahtron: I have a napkin procession
Veterans: nabacan man
Veterans :: D
pahtron: mucus came: D
Veterans: your father
Veterans: What does
Veterans: What are you doing in the military public housing
Veterans: You said this to me Dad officer
pahtron: the national real estate finance officer
pahtron: I live in a district of the
pahtron: gil father looking at the Gendarmerie immovables
pahtron: And svilde aliniyor
pahtron: This is a small biyer
Veterans: I see
Veterans: Speeches okudumda
Veterans: How we gonna find these guys
Veterans: If you are already at the site, if you press index
Veterans: Men nickimizi searching the
Veterans: Faceten cart curt
Veterans: Address etc etc say
Veterans: find us
pahtron: He has wide
pahtron: Bird got famous if
Veterans: Well, I okadar
Veterans: We do not expect future here got up for a site
pahtron: bencede
Veterans: Expense helped by domain redirects to the same data pass through another stretch you so simple
pahtron: can not find t
Veterans: But heralde else you want to make your brother mehmet
Gazi Mehmet brother’s men to decipher and publish at the UN
Veterans: Wants
pahtron: site hacklicek
Veterans: anladin
pahtron: EVIDENCE
pahtron: just gonna say it
Veterans: aynende
Veterans: How will access it evidences that
pahtron: I do not know
Veterans: if your site hostunda ip suan kayitlaniyorsa
Veterans: already
pahtron: but the idea that money in the bank
pahtron: yes
Veterans: Seninde benimde
Veterans: there have to express our IP Seninde benimde
pahtron: Here it ellersek
pahtron: All Over
Veterans: One index that assigns every case from Turkey
Veterans: still know us
Veterans: anladin
pahtron: I already thought
pahtron: Abi nickmizi they begin to use
pahtron: in fact, it would be better
pahtron: a mess of things karistirriz
pahtron: we’ll do the other baby gets them remain
Veterans: though they still good
Veterans: I request deletion of my data is facebooktan
Veterans: mail box messages Friends Photos
Veterans: removes everything
Veterans: Operation
Veterans: never make your home pc
Veterans: Outside storage int caf YPA
pahtron: Yep
pahtron: internet cafe
pahtron: I did not think
Veterans: keep in mind
Veterans: Require makes it so
Veterans: I let me talk to friend
Veterans: Ordering laptop tomorrow veriyim
Veterans: immediately
pahtron: I’m far from the city center
pahtron: ver b
pahtron: I have wiless
pahtron: but it’s taking one of: D
pahtron: Tell
pahtron: 100000 km’s going to be people who
pahtron: kirip kirip adopted which
pahtron: or of an online
pahtron: password that will be released KIRCA have done it
pahtron: Oradamsn
Veterans: Olmuyor it
Veterans: kirsanda password for the modem from the telephone line is not connected to the internet for you çekemessin RJ11
Veterans: perhaps it is the modem name and password that you write your own modem
pahtron: wirriles in me ask another: D
pahtron: usb
pahtron: usb: D
Veterans: Whether
Veterans: 3g modem ultimately it Is not
Veterans: Vin ie
pahtron: Ask not Vin
pahtron: bi
Veterans: https://www.takbis.org/takbis-bilgi-sisteme-giris-ekrani.html
Veterans: https://takbisbilgi.tkgm.gov.tr/Login.aspx
Veterans: This verdigim system
Veterans: On the pages that have checked everything or something etsene
pahtron: nakaym
pahtron: immediately
pahtron: only site
pahtron: itself
pahtron: I scan
Veterans: same
Veterans: do it like that already
Veterans: See Servers in the maintenance
pahtron: I direct you
pahtron: Please send the result
Veterans: ok Waiting
Veterans: Do something buldunmu
Veterans: Do something buldunmu
Veterans: Geldinmi
pahtron: D
pahtron: yes
pahtron: abi confirmed
pahtron: abi Fuhs handle making these videos geçiriyorlarmis
pahtron: and the rich,
pahtron: threat ediyorlarmis
pahtron: money and drugs ereoin
pahtron: atislarida market
Gazi Mehmet Abi
Veterans: addresses given by
Veterans: yollasana me
pahtron: it’s me
Veterans: When the big turnaround in Diyarbakir
pahtron: only
pahtron: bm
pahtron: gave
Veterans: according to him, the date for the operation belirliyiyelim
pahtron: Look Up Writing
Veterans: The United milletlermi?
pahtron: same
Veterans: when the big turnaround in Diyarbakir
Veterans: No address above
Veterans ::?
pahtron: yes
pahtron: un bilmemne
pahtron: I çýkýyo iniyo
pahtron: assgi
Veterans: ok
pahtron: geldm
Veterans: https://www.un.org.tr/
Veterans: You have say
Veterans: I say you know the address given against the possibility of getting 3-4 to stay there for shelter to sleep, so you understand
pahtron: this request
pahtron: them
Veterans: Up here siginicaz
pahtron: will
Veterans: https://www.un.org.tr/
pahtron: but I’ll give you the time
pahtron: the united milletelr
Veterans: https://www.un.org.tr/ this site in koruyacakmis us?
Veterans: eee?
Veterans: You have to protect us, or give
pahtron: / No. Repeat step
Veterans: to stay or something to sleep: S
pahtron: this site
pahtron: nceliceyecek
pahtron: and open bulackmisik
pahtron:’s found
pahtron: one
pahtron: one
Veterans: it
pahtron: o Places
pahtron: jams will
Veterans: Do not have an address such as a normal open circle 10 no 15 vs Besiktas Istanbul?
Veterans: I understand he
pahtron: none: S
pahtron: ormandaymis
pahtron: What apartmani: D
pahtron: but in the bilmiyom d:
pahtron: brother
Veterans :: D: D
pahtron: bidet said
Veterans: Sir
Veterans: What did he say
pahtron: Gonna sing one day he said to you face to face with who I am
pahtron: biyerde collected and veterans face to face with you I said taniscaz
Veterans: I have söylicemzamani: D
Veterans: amine hopefully keeps finding
pahtron: I especially bi prosecutor Event
Veterans: Virtual-secrecy important to keep up
Veterans: If you are retired prosecutor olasiya mehmet brother: D
Veterans: I wonder who’s the man mehmet: D
pahtron: I’re wondering
pahtron: He says
pahtron: If prosecutor diyo comes along: D
Veterans :: D
pahtron: I also
Veterans: https://www.un.org.tr/v3/vp/iletisim.phphttps://www.un.org.tr/v3/vp/iletisim.php
Veterans: Look here, a multi-site and e-mail communications are part of the
pahtron: Measured when it’s going on 36 years
Veterans: How so
Veterans: he just
Veterans: insallah
Veterans: I’m 26, I was actually: D
Veterans: that there’s so much more to say certainly meet, discuss it crippled the real stuff sanalda
Veterans: giriyoz package not to be involved in operations crippled
Veterans: güveniyom you do not say it that way, but face hardship or something MSIE recording everything
Veterans: cia fbi all follow-up
Veterans: I’m 21 actually
pahtron: I ultimately 13 years: D
Veterans: https://km.un.org.tr/_login/default.aspx?ReturnUrl=/_layouts/Authenticate.aspx?Source =% 2F
Gazi Al you open
pahtron: eight years later, where a matter
Veterans: Okudunmu what I wrote
pahtron: yes
pahtron: dude I’m keepin
Veterans: SSL port 443 open
pahtron: same
pahtron: dalabilirmiyiz that
Veterans: dalamayizda
Veterans: it can brute force special
Veterans: I do not think that they put a very robust passwords :))
Veterans: We have to have to store and take
pahtron: same
pahtron: if you check saklamasak stormed: S
Veterans: exactly: D
pahtron: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded
pahtron: Where did you get these goods dec. D
Veterans :: D
pahtron: Did izliyon: D
Veterans: link at
pahtron: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hjeitm37SDs
pahtron: ubnlar al bidet. D
pahtron: Did izliyon
Veterans: TURN this
Veterans :: D
pahtron: face
pahtron: k
Veterans: Syria El correspondence Let’s have look at
pahtron: bulumuyo
pahtron :: S
Veterans: Turkish Secret Service (MAH)
pahtron: Did you get the name
pahtron: call
Veterans: do not we put it real
Veterans: 2 day rides on us state
Veterans: could something like this 🙂
pahtron: aboard. D
pahtron: Abi actually crop gun or something: D
pahtron: Ufo brother took deagle
pahtron: eal
pahtron: 100 boxes of ammunition
Veterans: How do you know what
Veterans :: D
Veterans: https://eu.kurdistan-post.eu/tr/dunyadan/turkiye-suriyede-el-kaide-ekti-hatayda-el-muhaberat-bicti
Veterans: This siteyide hackliyecez
Veterans: Builds you grow up yasin
pahtron: Let’s
Veterans: Ufo my brother said,
Veterans: I took you so
Veterans: desert eagle
Veterans: I wish almasaymis: D Israel financially it
pahtron: Order gave
pahtron: abi recieve but squeezing them: D
Veterans: So
Veterans: What are the weapons before weapons chisel danissaydi me: D
Veterans: 7 1 45 cal desert eagle is no hurt your
Veterans: the ability to hit the weight range of recoil bad 🙂
I alcam magnum pahtron :: D: D
Veterans: There are a lot more advantages disadvantages
pahtron: colt magnum
Veterans: magnum story you jarjör man frees you up to doldurasiya
pahtron: felan thinkin d
Veterans :: D
pahtron: bazookas what alam: D
Veterans: Five Seven
Veterans: Receivables
Veterans: or
Veterans: Usp
Veterans: Or,
Veterans: M1911 Colt 45 cal
Veterans: Receivables
pahtron: usp silencer good good: D
Veterans: good
pahtron: muffler, hard to find: S
Veterans: shame on you, I’ll do ya doin ‘:)
Veterans: Lathes, which are very familiar
pahtron :: D
Veterans: I’ll order from abroad did not have a selling familiar
pahtron: iyimis: D
pahtron: yakalanmayamda
pahtron: 5-10 years vallaha susturuculuktan eat: D
pahtron: but wait prosecutor if: D
pahtron: can not: D
pahtron: or judge: D
Veterans :: D
Veterans: can not Shit
Veterans: Press the public prosecutor of the Republic of bi looks at my phone: D
Anonymous :: D
Anonymous: I intend to run for the republican public prosecutor ask: D
Veterans: Although direct evidence of the interrogation room launchers: D
Veterans:’re shit: D: D
Anonymous :: D
Anonymous: Amin grandfather olam: D
Veterans: Oracle to be 40 years old without you gotta come Prosecutor: D
Veterans: Become God willing amine amine rose
Anonymous: Do not worry about plenty of oracle
Anonymous: my grandfather deputies have known them all
Anonymous :: D
Veterans: Give a
Veterans: search grandpa
Veterans: If I bring you: D
Anonymous :: D
Anonymous: we could not get rid of water from the village nuisance
Anonymous: bi survivor: D
Anonymous: There ya: D
Anonymous: Enter hea bursa gelcen brother. D
Anonymous: they know there’s wedding: D
Veterans :: D
Veterans :: D
Veterans: good good fine
Anonymous: bursa liked best: D
Anonymous: istanbul mehmet address given to your brother there or something: D
Anonymous: ins sea is edged biyer: D
Anonymous: pc s Tile: D
Anonymous: hack Articles
Anonymous: Go up to the sea. D
Anonymous: Why not open facede brother
Veterans :: D
Veterans: Facet name over: D
Veterans: mixing oralarini forest ISite
Anonymous :: D
Anonymous: wp at yapammi hack: D
Veterans: suan I ortamdayim
Anonymous: the media? : D
Anonymous: Does Disco: D
Veterans :: D
Veterans: similar: D
Veterans: odamisin
Veterans: Give me int sms throwing site maintenance bitane
Anonymous: veteym



Yesterday my clients website was hacked. I am a webgod of webgods so I dived into the turkish hacking groups and raided conversations and methods of passing information. Shortly after i scraped they shut down their private chatroom. I was looking for a particular person but as you know they are impossible to find.

So a bit about how they operate and where they hang out I can give you a recent conversation about portal openings and scanner bots that i grabbed from a private conversation. Below is the google translation and the original . Also I opened all of it so i know exactly how the process works.



1st you can see that many of these guys are weapons. They are young and work for a large amount of time learning particular tasks.

2 the message they left me when they ripped 200k worth of transactions was:

Siteniz Abrekhack ve ByTit tarafindan hacklenmistir!Sitenizde acik vardir eger acigi kapatmazsaniz hesabinizdaki tum parayi cekeriz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They broke a few things but not very time consuming.

3. They work in multiple languages. many of which all speak all 3. they take their time and have a specific way of opening portals and closing them. They also send themselves passwords. You can see one of the videos has the login for what the conversation says in the admin for the UN CPanel. There are what look like to be 2 americans involved also. 1 who uses the handle Veteran and the other Anonymous.

All of their passwords are sent in either videos inside youtube or they are left inside the cover photos of fake profiles. They also pass information along inside random profile descriptions. They are very keen on swapping pictures of girls about 14. Inside the bio information they supply themselves with passwords in the form of bolded words and some in italics. I cant catch the correlation because my turkish is terrible. Some of the conversation is shooting the sh*t but u can see there was some scolding of IP leveraging and miscloaking which generally happens on occaision. Im sure theres more stuff in there but the whole website for nmtd.org was completely down except they left the directory tree up. any normal person wouldve clicked away. the visibility of the tree with the chatroom is now down . https://www.nmtd.org/forum/yedek/ which u can see the 404 is now up. If you can rip the permissions, there may be other sensitive conversations going on. Its possible its being moved as i write this but oh well.

these guys took down the cia. i found them in 2 hours looking for someone else because they could easily ruin the reputation of my company. and all my clients are family.



Pretty cool I guess. The work of 1 guy looking for someone . You can find anyone . So play nice . Hire Experts.


Eddie Sparks.

Hermosa Beach Marketing – The Difference Is Salt Water.

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