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Sweet. So you have your new Adwords or Google Double Click account started and you throw down 100 bucks on driving traffic to your landing page; Now what? You begin to notice a few happenings. The data is coming in but what does it mean exactly. Here we go.

What is the CTR? CTR stands for Click Through Ratio. This percentage is the difference between the amount of people who have seen your ad displayed and how many people actually clicked on it. Interpreting this information is a whole different story. You can see there are 2 different mediums for this – Search and Display Network.

What is the Display Network? The Display Network is produced in 2 avenues.

#1 Gmail which is Google’s Mailing System.


#2 Bloggers and Other Websites that Utilize Google Adsense. Sites Like eZine.

Web_Analytics_Santa_Monica_Los_AngelesInterpreting the Numbers. Google takes the subject matter of your email, scans the words you use, and displays all the ads that best includes those words. Google does the same thing for sites that use Adsense like eZine and others.

The CTR for the Display network can pretty much be discarded. If you are writing an email to someone, the last thing you are worried about is clicking on an ad if you even see it – I never do. Above, I was in conversation with a recruiter. We were talking hex and the ads reflected what we were talking about. Blogs you would have a better CTR. Because people are perusing for experts and answers to their questions. Possibly getting you a click or 2.

Be concerned with the Total Search numbers: The search data is straight in the Google search results. The higher these numbers are the better. 3 or 4% would be a wonderful number to see here. CTR ratio number costs u nothing; it only reflects the amount of clicks divided by the amount of impressions. Top picture example: 18 Imp./1 click = .0556 or 5.56%. This number is completely dependent on the way your ad is worded.

*Note of Redundancy: Do not put Google Adsense on your company’s Website. Ive already explained this: Why you should never put Google Adsense on your company website.

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