Advanced Photoshop for Mac: Colors Change When Saving for Web; Graphic Design Hermosa Beach

Graphic_Design_Redondo_BeachGraphic_Design_Hermosa_BeachWhy do my colors change when exporting out of Photoshop? Man I just don’t know the answer. I wish it just worked like it’s suppose to, but Photoshop gets finicky when your using the ‘Save for Web’ feature.

Graphic_Design_Long_BeachI assume the reason for the problem is that when you see the colors its in a Mac format and when you export the work, it conforms it to some general color rule. My old way of fixing this was to use the .gif setting and play with the color pallete on the left. Deleting the hot colors and replacing them with what I wanted. But, what I found was the colors were always the same color # as what I used in my workspace so I would have to choose new colors. This was a horrible waste of time and very frustrating. Anyway… I found a way around it and here it is:

  1. Graphic_Design_Manhattan_BeachWhen the ‘Save for Web’ feature does not give you the colors that you are looking for, go up to ‘File’, use the ‘Save as’ option, and save the work as a ‘Tiff’ or ‘Targa’ file.
  2. Graphic_Design_Santa_MonicaEnsure that the compression is on none. We don’t want to lose any quality in the transition. Most of the time a copy of a copy turns out worse; however, Photoshop is the originating program so we are making the original. Make sure the tiff settings discard the layers. Since this problem is primarily a Mac issue, just leave the other settings how they are in the ‘Pixel Order’ and ‘Byte Order’ sections.  Note: you cannot use the .tiff files on the web because it is not a recognized file type in the html language. The web primarily only recognizes .gif, .jpg, and .png files.Graphic_Design_Los_Angeles
  3. Next open the file in Preview. If you experience this problem on a PC, open up Paint which is located in the Accessories folder in your start menu.Graphic_Design_Torrance
  4. Go to ‘Save As’ or ‘Export’ in the file menu. You will need to change the Format to JPEG and adjust the quality to the best possible setting.
  5. Check your file. It should be identical to the file you first started with in Photoshop. Eliminating your frustration with only a few extra steps.
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