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Torrance Social Media ManagementRedondo_Beach_Social Media_ManagementHow the Twitter Following System Works. MMM…. Very simple. In fact, I think I will make it into a list. This way it will be an easy reference for everyone. I have been seriously doing twitter for about 6 years now. The first 5 getting followers and running traffic to my sites was a nightmare… now not so much. I learned alot over the months so here it goes:

    1. The threshold of twitter is 2000 followers. This is the initial first requirement and goal of an account. This number shows twitter that you are a real service of some sort and serious about tweeting your thoughts to your fans/followers.


    1. Following People is based on time. When you’re under 2k followers, you can only follow about 500 people a week. Will following people get them to follow you? Sometimes. Doing this by hand is not time effective, particularly when I offer the service at $10 a month. Keep in mind its people following you that counts.


    1. Once you follow 2000 people, you cannot follow anyone else until you have 1801 followers. Life really isn’t fair and neither is twitter. If you look at the top picture, the account listed is at the difining moment where it will finally step over the 1800 mark.


    1. After 1801 followers you can follow 10% more people than are following you. Just hang on for 1 min and I’ll explain. The moment you hit 1801 followers, you will probably be following 2000 people. So your ratio of followers to following is 9 to 10. (9 x 200, 10 x 200). Getting past the 2k black hole is challenging; sometimes 2 or 3 months. 9;10 at 2000 is 200 but 9;10 at 5000 is 500… so you have to do your dues. Here are some examples:
      Hermosa_Beach_Social Media_ManagementMarina_Del_Rey_Social Media_ManagementVenice_Beach_Social Media_ManagementAs you can see, the ratio is fairly pure across the board. When you look at the progression of the accounts, you can see that it is easy to spot. So no, I’m not a genious that figured out a hard mathmatical algorithym… I just observed what was happening.



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