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What is a Trackback? A trackback was initially designed to stay in contact with a webpage you like. This way if the content changes for some reason the trackback will let you know about it, kind of like an RSS feed but it only deals with one particular URL or post versus an entire blog.

So the “trackback” uses a PING which is kind of like a submarine solar radar to let the person pinging you know that the page is still up. Nowadays this Ping is just a warning on your blog that a spammer has found you. The spammer pings your site and then receives a Ping or “your websites pulse” back from your website. What you should do to eliminate your trackback spam is stop all out going pings. If the spammer’s cpu never receives word back from your site it will assume there are no opportunities for spam. However the trackbacks will come if they get through. So in the meantime you just adjust the trackback for your own link-building.


This is what the Pending trackback looks like in the admin of your blog. The Best Cardio for Weight Loss is the keyword they are hoping to gain ranking in which is in the description.


You can see that the name of the trackback is also the same as the name of the link they want to be ranked for. Then in the URL section they put the page of their site they want Google to pick up the backlink for.

  1. Change the URL destination to a page on your own website.
  2. Leave the name the same so Google will pick up the link as a new site link to that page.
  3. Change their comment to something that you may want other people to read like “Be sure to click the GIANT beer mug to subscribe to my RSS feed” or a simple thanks to the reader.
  4. This will get you by until you insert a script to stop the outgoing PING which is the cause of the problem. Ex. Facebook will ping you back, but wellsfargo.com will not. So I would assume that the PING back is a security issue.
  5. There may even be a plugin to stop the trackback. But some people still use the trackback so its a give and take

Alright so After a Month of Using this Trackback Plugin I have added this to the post.

I am currently using Select Simple Trackback Validation with Topsy Blocker. Seems to be working very well. No trackbacks from anyone who does not come directly from the web. This means it validates whether the trackback is coming from a real person or not. I have had no spam at all since I installed it. The site is here -> Trackback Plugin

Thank you Tobias for the plugin.

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