What Is Baidu and Yandex? Foreign Languages Marketing Los Angeles

Yandex_Marketing_Los_AngelesWell not so far fetched for LA people to think about, but people do search in other languages. Google does accomodate all languages but it does not translate in the language bar so perfectly. The website of choice for European languages is Yandex.com where they can type in their native languages and receive results only in English. A good service for a one track mind. As you can see, at 1 month this site hit the top for results on Yandex. Not so for Baidu below which currently has not run the site. I know because we are not listed and this is what it looks like. Sometimes search engines wont run you for a while or even will run your site the 1st day and come back 4 months later…. patience is a virtue!


Foreign Languages Marketing Los Angeles

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