How to Clean Up after a Programmer. CSS HTML Programming Los Angeles

CSS_Hermosa_BeachI suppose the #2 factor when doing Search Engine work is using the most current language. You can realistically spend 20k  on a website and the next day the language requirements could change. I suppose what/or how you should do business online is simply how much is programming going to be and how much is code cleanup going to be. CSS_Los_AngelesBecause anybody can program a website but only a few can clean up the code. Clean code provides you with the highest possible page rank you can acheive…. maybe I should back up a bit. There are internet gods which convine at the internet consortium called the W3 which stands for World Wide Web. These gods make the decisions on what the current technology can handle. They do nothing but regulate what the current web language should look like. They make it a rule; then you must follow. The current version is HTML5 and HTML4 gets a lower ranking with HTML being the most outdated. HTML_Hermosa_BeachThis is how search engines like Google know which sites carry the most current information of each subject. The code validator can be accessed at the code validator which is Free to use and easy to see what the results are and where.  Just type in your website location and it will show you what needs to be updated and what line of the code its located on. Of course this is the easiest way to see if you need to replace your webguy because he either is up or not with how things should be. Also you really don’t have to be too much of a pro to fix it (not recommending you just copy and paste). The validator comes with its own suggested fix for the code. So click and revalidate and a suggested clean up will be provided . Whalla. The most important thing you could do for your site ranking and its free to use.HTML_Los_Angeles

CSS HTML Programming Los Angeles

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