888-399-9885 24hr SEO Results from One of the Best SEO Technicians in the USA
888-399-9885 24hr SEO Results from One of the Best SEO Technicians in the USA. Eddie Sparks Shows You His Computer. Indians and Foreign People Cannot Run Your Business but Hermosa Can. Call Today.
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08 Jun 24hr SEO Results from One of the Best SEO Technicians in the USA

My name is eddie sparks and i ain’t nobody’s bitch. I do SEO because I know every step because i fired so many people. I approach seo from a safety standpoint which triggered google to love me. I care about the safety of your fingers. I use that approach in server layout and then i install my site a certain way and then i program for the users. I use no magic. I only am thorough. There is no such thing as seo software unless you are looking to destroy someones reputation. I do everything by hand by myself. Including programming photoshopping all photos writing and more. Ive seen my assistants work and they aren’t even close. I believe your business needs phone calls and I make sales material not seo pages. I want that page to pop the map only. I want zero people on your website and everyone on your phone. There is no such thing as site score but if you look my work up after 3 years i get a 98% user rating and less than 2-3% whatever your current word/term is for duplicate content. If you walk up to me on the street and say SERP or SEM and ask my opinion i will punch you in your dick. I don’t care about hocus pocus. I sit down and work. If you believe you need a group setting to do SEO and complicated things with no walls or cubicles or heavy metal music to program, if you say the word “collaborate” to me, I will freak out. Just do your work and do it well. If you don’t know how to speak Spanish do a tutorial. God this is America i build the best machines because i failed so many times. Craftsmanship is getting to the end and saying I suck at this. Anything worth doing is worth doing crappy. If you don’t burn eggs you will never get good at cooking breakfast for your family. If you’re a pussy and give up, just commit to a lifetime of snowballing twinks. Jay Ray told me if I couldn’t sell a magazine I would suck at everything my whole life and he was right. Steve told me there are only 2 types of workers, gorillas and craftsman. SEO is so simple to get to work. Monetizing is the challenge. Where is the money and who is the person that we are closing with this sales material. I work with ruthless people as associates. They are all takers. They wake up like I do and pick up the heaviest sharpest sword of their choice and run first into the hoard. You are useless to me if you can’t muster up your own game. Sales is a skill and anything worth doing is worth doing crappy. Marketing is above sales. You can take everyones money. Any day of the week you choose to get up and 2 step for your own country. Just take the plunge. See what happens when you do something, reflect and see if you can be more effective/affective the next time. Repeat. Work is a religious experience. Craftsmanship is being able to get into that groove quickly and with purpose. I knew those pages would hit the internet when I programmed the server before I installed the website itself. I knew this because I ran into problems in the past while setting my primary as the domain name and using the public_html folder. Fuck the public_html folder. Useless people created that years ago. God. stupid. The same with every other part of it. Safety is providing future people the least of amount of keystrokes when working on the marketing. Show me a programmer that works on that principle and I’ll show you a guy who works with me. Never trust the future of your business to someone whose never owned or operated a business before. You don’t want a free website. I will come and rape it if I become your competition. You want the best in the 24hr store arena. Currently we charge $200 to $250 a page. Everything included. Its a lifetime commitment. Choose wisely. Questions call us 888-399-9885.

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