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Our problem is that people think marketing is great and sales is too difficult and horrible. When you go home, kids and spouse on the computer. Spouse talks about marketing or influencers. In a perfect world, it would all be sales.


Look at our video, that is an overweight programmer. Search engines – programming. Social media – programming. Video – programming. Design – programming. Fat. Fat. Fat. Fat. Fat. Sales people – skinny.


Sparks is the owner of Hermosa. He commands perfection. He will finish everything until completed with USAF precision. The packages we offer we don’t even like to call marketing material, SEO or internet marketing. Discovery Bay has their own version of what that means.


We like to call it sales material subscriptions. We sell your “push to call” buttons. We want you to get calls and expand your website into other areas with pages. We connect those pages to different parts for “sales calls”. You can buy sales material every month forever with us. You can buy states as chunks on the pricing page.


Advertising happens to sales material. We help your advertising get more perfect over time. Hermosa will turn on you for laziness. People will ask you about your further education in the sales department. Marketing is above sales but we sell to if we have to sell for you, forward the calls to us. People will have hundreds of appointments over the calls then you. Every call sell or fail should be another appointment set. Call us. Goodbye.

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Hermosa Beach Marketing SEO Services in Discovery Bay California

We need nothing from you to get started but your business name, address and phone number. Logo and password helps as well. Everything else we don’t or won’t or can’t use your help for.


You will never know if the server is down, it will be fixed and done. Emails down? Fixed and done. There is no charge for awesomeness. Security everything else, included. Focus on sales and forget you ever cared about anything else.


BUT!! We do like it when you view our work proof email. We want you to see where you are and what you are doing. Not in words you Goof! It is all screenshots of work you paid for this month. So you know what the web is doing. Also, anyone can misspell things at anytime so sometimes it is good to review what is going on. The more basic the better. Call us today.

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Change your marketing department, switch to sales you Goof!
Current Products We Sell
  1. The Presidential Power Package – Monthly Internet Marketing for Business Growth.
  2. Ring Ring It’s Hermosa – Google Ads – Search Network, Maps.
  3. Radvertising – Google Ads – Display Network, YouTube.
  4. It’s the Goolah Baby – Google Ads – Merchant Center.
  5. MMM Mo’ Money, Mo’ Mojo – Google Ads – Apps.
  6. Social Media Cuties – Use Radvertisements to Grow Your Business’ Social Accounts.
  7. $175 Hourly Marketing – Design, Programming, Writing, Media Services, Marketing, Advertising Services.
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