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Our product, the Presidential Power Package, expands monthly internet marketing efforts. We provide businesses the opportunity to gain customers from “Hercules“, close to it, and one bridge to the other. If you like spending time during your workday behind a computer, then our product isn’t for you. Our techs are doing your monthly internet marketing, so you’re not behind a computer.


When you order the Presidential Power Package, our techs do a process multiple times for the following: keywords of your business services, surrounding cities cheap to drive to, zip codes, and your target cities (like where you want to move to retire to). They open up Photoshop and make a photo ad, duplicate a page on your website, stick new photos in, write the page, install it into the navigation, install it into the search engine, post about it (FB Google Pin Twit Inst), add it to your Google Ads, and ultimately boost the maps with it. Our techs are looking for messages about your business and responding to them online. Our techs are monitoring the website email address and sending you any personal quote request in an automated text message – you’ll never see a computer email again. Then they repeat the process for however many times a month you want to pay to do the expansion, “seo“, “internet marketing” and Google ad expansion.


We designed the Presidential Power Package to keep the possibility of you gaining calls from online searches by expanding. Your business can fish for leads in your industry with the 24hr store of the internet. Searchers will see your ads in the photos, search results, video results and social searches. People work multiple shifts, so let’s see some multiple shift leads on your texts, every day.

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All parts to the internet can work together for your business’ benefit. You need to program the computer that your website sits on first. Preferably so you can make adjustments later as communication between your web computer and the search engines is important. Secondly, your website needs to be mobile friendly. Thirdly, you need to work as hard as you can on that thing that has an error.


STOP. STOP. STOP. Return your time back to the real world. Internet marketing and advertising by internet marketing geeks. Guys that work in your shop are guys that work in your shop – including you. Separate the two by purchasing the Presidential Power Package for your business. It is impossible to provide all the information that you need without a phone call.

Always Discipline Yourself to Save for Internet Ads

Internet Marketing is a Mandatory Part of Our Daily Business Operations
Internet marketing technicians are working daily and making adjustments as the internet changes.
Current Products We Sell
  1. The Presidential Power Package – Monthly Internet Marketing for Business Growth.
  2. Ring Ring It’s Hermosa – Google Ads – Search Network, Maps.
  3. Radvertising – Google Ads – Display Network, YouTube.
  4. It’s the Goolah Baby – Google Ads – Merchant Center.
  5. MMMM Mo’ Money, Mo’ Mojo – Google Ads – Apps.
  6. Social Media Cuties – Use Radvertisements to Grow Your Business’ Social Accounts.
  7. $175 Hourly Marketing – Design, Programming, Writing, Media Services, Marketing, Advertising Services.
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