Video Editing Greene RI Video Editing
Video Editing Greene RI Video Editing
We also offer digitizing services!

Video Editing Greene RI

Video Editors in Greene

Your videos are precious to you. You need to send us a COPY of the video. Do not send us the only version that you have. This means a hard drive if necessary. For film digitizing, we send you an insured box. Video Editing in Green RI services are remote. Editors at Hermosa are post production professionals. These are studio geeks from LA. Please communicate as often as possible within your project’s time-frame. A better product is always when we are focused. Coming back after 3 or 4 days of waiting for communication tends itself to chaos.

Avid Editing Greene RI

Video Editing Greene RI Video Editing

Hermosa Beach Marketing Color Correction in Greene Rhode Island

We make great videos. We make tickers for the news. We make TV snippets. We make viral videos. IF YOU NEED IT IN AVID, PLEASE TELL US. Avid is the industry standard for certain mediums. If we are doing your homework, then tell us. If we are doing something for live TV, we need to know.

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