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Your phone number is ready for the army.

SEO Internet Marketing La Mirada

Search Engine Optimization La Mirada

The keyboard army is here for you. An army that lives here in LA. Your area is busier than just about anywhere in the metropolis area. SEO internet marketing is the key to competing in La Mirada. You are going to have to take it for yourself. Any business whether big money or small money has so much competition that you will die if you stop working. Getting some high end labor where we offer you a smaller price point is a key competitive advantage for you. Pick up the phone and ask for the general.

The La Mirada Keyboard Army

SEO Internet Marketing La Mirada SEO Internet Marketing

Hermosa Beach Marketing SEO Services in La Mirada California

Where are you going to make a million dollar decision? Are you going to hire Anthony your nephew? Pay him $2400 a month to sit in your business? Watch him play games on his phone? Ed Sparks, a man who has sat behind multiple businessmen in LA, FL, Internationally and more, will sit down and program for the same amount of money. Our packages would put Sparks at creating at least 12 core pieces of sales material for your benefit monthly. The man works with a 99/100 skill. The man plays no game on his phone. The man knows business while he programs. The man floated around the US so he had programmer options so he didn’t have to hire a random Anthony. Prepared and ready to work for you effectively and for your benefit.

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Budget wisely

hire the general of the keyboard army
Competitive advantage is all you have.
Current Specials

Eddie Sparks will personally design you full page, full resolution print advertisements. You will enjoy an expert experience as one of the better technicians creatively prepares you for advertising. Always be ready as you blast your social media with great layouts everyday of the month or everyday of the year. Only 10 weekly payments of $1,000 or 10 weekly payments of $2500. As an added bonus, Eddie Sparks will create your social media hashtags and postings free of charge.

Full Page Print – 25 for $10,000

Full Page & Half Page Print – 200 for $25,000

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SEO & Internet Marketing Services

SEO and Internet Marketing

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