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Most companies would skip the 395. I, as the owner of the company, believe that there are good people everywhere. I also believe that everyone needs money to spend. The harder it is to get where I’m going, the easier it is to believe that stay around town people need to make money by phone.


What are you guys doing down there for money? We offer some SEO and internet marketing packages for Doyle citizens to make some cash using the computer. Our team will build sales material for other areas and help you advertise to them for phone calls.


We think that will work for you. Not like we charge that much. We’re not trying to gouge you or nothin. Just honest folks trying to make a living and benefit you at the same time. Gotta keep our lights on and families fed too. Say hello. See how we’re doing. Never hurts.

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SEO Internet Marketing Doyle SEO Internet Marketing

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Here’s me down in Florida. I drove across the state to get away from a hurricane and it turned and came right for me. I drove back right north of it.


Now you don’t have to be rich to get my help. You may have to be smart enough to use a phone though. If you were really smart, you would get some old biddys together and get them dialn. Your 20 minutes from anywhere. Dial for Hermosa as a rep and set some appointments in your area may get you a solid paycheck.


Just a thought. We offer full service on the computer. No extra things need to be managed. Just a check a month. Thanks.

Check a month to fish for calls.

Can’t be a good marketer without being a salesman
Push that button and speak to me. I will answer the phone myself.
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Eddie Sparks will personally design you full page, full resolution print advertisements. You will enjoy an expert experience as one of the better technicians creatively prepares you for advertising. Always be ready as you blast your social media with great layouts everyday of the month or everyday of the year. Only 10 weekly payments of $1,000 or 10 weekly payments of $2500. As an added bonus, Eddie Sparks will create your social media hashtags and postings free of charge.

Full Page Print – 25 for $10,000

Full Page & Half Page Print – 200 for $25,000

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SEO and Internet Marketing

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