SEO Internet Marketing Atwater SEO Internet Marketing
SEO Internet Marketing Atwater SEO Internet Marketing
SEO Internet Marketing Atwater SEO Internet Marketing
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SEO Internet Marketing Atwater

Search Engine Optimization Atwater

Marketing is simple to explain. Hey, Bill does that… you should talk to Bill. Ok. Someone calls Bill through a referral. Our SEO internet marketing packages are only sales material. We tell people Bill helps people 24hrs a day. When people need people like Bill. You get a chance to gain some new relationships. Our strategy is business name, address and phone number on everything. Winning on purpose on behalf of Bill. Not promising Bill the world. Only helping Bill let anyone in any city in any state hire Bill all the way in Atwater. Doing business with Bill by chance.

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SEO Internet Marketing Atwater SEO Internet Marketing

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Keep learning has always been the motto at Hermosa. Our job was to sell DVDs from the first customer. We didn’t know how to make them. Then we had to learn everything. How to get a video from a tape to the computer. How to edit the video. How to get the sound to work. How to get the proper compression format. How to make the menu. How to get the buttons to work with a remote. We started to notice that things sucked and people sucked. Then we started doing video and lighting and sound and editing and color correction professionally. Photoshop and illustrator came naturally. And… we were asked to sell that first DVD set online in 2008. We noticed that there are a ton of people that just plain suck at what they’re doing. Hire better. Hire people that like to learn.

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