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If someone pulls into Carl’s Jr or Starbucks, computers know. Using SEO and internet marketing, we can follow anyone that visits near your shop. We can advertise directly to those people no problem. They already know how to get to your area. Don’t want to, no problem. Think about the AK. What can you sell them over the phone? Pick a different area. Hermosa is here to execute any type of online sales material for you. Call today.

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SEO Internet Marketing Buttonwillow SEO Internet Marketing

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Yelp is an important part to your business. If you choose to pay Yelp, you can use some of their tools for $500 month. If not, we can optimize your Yelp for traffic. Yelp is not as technical as they think. The way Yelp works is based on sales material we make. Call anytime.

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Eddie Sparks will personally design you full page, full resolution print advertisements. You will enjoy an expert experience as one of the better technicians creatively prepares you for advertising. Always be ready as you blast your social media with great layouts everyday of the month or everyday of the year. Only 10 weekly payments of $1,000 or 10 weekly payments of $2500. As an added bonus, Eddie Sparks will create your social media hashtags and postings free of charge.

Full Page Print – 25 for $10,000

Full Page & Half Page Print – 200 for $25,000

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