Video Editing Burrillville RI Video Editing
Video Editing Burrillville RI Video Editing
Video Editing Burrillville RI Video Editing
Give us an example of where you will put your video.

Video Editing Burrillville RI

Video Editors in Burrillville

Destination is everything. The second you ask us to format your video for Instagram IG TV, we know where its going. Two days later you try to put the video on Facebook and it doesn’t look right. This is not a miscommunication. This is a misconception. The video can be formatted for both but they are not the same. Some videos work great no problem. But specific destinations have to be explained before we finish.

IG TV Burrillville RI

Video Editing Burrillville RI Video Editing

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We can help you put your movie into the big networks; however if you were going to give away a DVD gift or product, then we need to make it work. DVDs are not movies. They are specifically formatted discs. We do not want you purchasing a DVD to be made and 90% of it is for Africa. You tell us Africa and we will make it. The DVD players are different so we need to know. If your video camera was purchased in Europe, you need to tell us that before we get started. This will save all of us time and money.

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New Instagram length is 10 minutes

But it is tall format

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